ShapeShift Pocket Holster


ShapeShift Pocket Holster

  • Super slim and easy to conceal inside front pocket
  • Customizable Retention Unit to suit your draw style
  • Compatible with the ShapeShift Modular Holster System
Life is unpredictable. Be prepared—always.
That's why we're introducing the ShapeShift Pocket Holster. It's our slimmest holster yet, specifically designed for front pocket carry.
The compact size of the injection-molded ShapeShift shell fits easily and comfortably in your pocket, while the pocket hook disguises the shape of your pocket gun and prevents the holster from detaching from your pocket when you draw.
Customize your holster to your draw. This patent-pending holster is designed with adjustable retention—tool-free passive tension that is easily modifiable using the twist locks on the holster. The thumb press provides traction for your thumb to push off of while you draw, releasing your handgun from the holster in one easy motion.
We’ve made our Pocket Holster safer than other pocket holsters by providing a trigger guard that covers the trigger entirely from both sides, and the ultra-strength polymer prevents any pressure from being applied to the trigger itself, so you don’t have to worry about it being accidentally pressed.
The pocket holster works with every micro and subcompact Shift Shell, plus most compact and full size Shift Shells! Select your handgun from the list by using the drop-down list below. Once your firearm and preferred handedness are selected, you’re ready to proceed to checkout.
Here at Alien Gear Holsters, we believe in crafting our holsters with only the highest-quality materials. We put all of our holsters through a 19-Point Torture Test to make sure our holsters will last you a lifetime.
Our American-made holsters are backed with our Forever Warranty, along with a 30-day Test Drive to make sure it’s the right holster for you.
Order yours today for protection that fits directly—and comfortably—into your pocket.
SAFETY NOTE: Do not reholster your handgun with your holster still in your pocket.

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Customer Reviews

3.35 / 5 (Based on 2 Reviews)

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Not recommended Review by Powernoodle
I have been a fan of the AlienGear cloak slide holster, and own about a dozen of them for various guns. The AlienGear pocket holster, however, is a disappointment. While it does function as intended, it is made of a cheapy feeling injected molded plastic, and retention of the gun is poor. It will hold the gun upside down, but a slight shake and it falls out. The holster is bulkier than it needs to be in my opinion, and the side that touches your leg is not flat resulting in raised area of the holster uncomfortably pushing against your leg. AlienGear is on the right track, but this holster needs to evolve greatly before it will compete against basic kydex holsters from other makers that are sturdier and more comfortable. At something like $53 shipped, I would say this holster is $30 overpriced. I will still be a fan of AlienGear, but not the pocket holster as currently configured. This one will probably be returned. Thanks. (Posted on 9/12/2018)
Very Nice Product Review by Ryan
I'm very pleased with this product, as it fits with my other shapeshift products, and opens up a safe way to carry my G43 in my pocket depending on my wardrobe. It does a decent job of masking the gun when in my pocket and helps distribute the weight as well.

It looks a lot bulkier than it is, but it's really not as bad and I found it fit nicely in my Duluth Dry on the Fly shorts - which were loose fitting.

If you are looking for a nice way to carry in your pocket safely, I would recommend investing in this product. Like my experience with all AlienGear products so far, it has exceeded my expectations for build, fit and finish, and overall value. (Posted on 9/8/2018)

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