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    Gun Holster Shells

    Customized Holster Shells by Alien Gear Holsters

    The world’s most comfortable, concealable holsters all come equipped with a custom molded Boltaron holster shell. As a result of rigorous testing and numerous trials, Alien Gear Holsters chose Boltaron due to better material durability over the more commonly used Kydex.

    Our holster shells are formed to cover more of the gun (the front sight included), which prevents your firearm from tearing your clothing or coming loose.

    We have also made our shells thicker than our competitors in order to give it an added level of durability and strength. The added holster shell thickness is completely unnoticeable when wearing the inside the waistband gun holster.

    We chose Boltaron, a material used by law enforcement and military personnel, for a variety of reasons. Boltaron is ten times more impact resistant than standard plastics. It’s also capable of withstanding a variety of extreme temperatures (from arctic cold to desert heat). The material has also been designed with a matte finish, which provides a smooth and easy-to-clean surface.

    Lastly, all of our holster shells are interchangeable. If you ever decide to carry a different gun while still owning your Alien Gear Holster, we will replace your custom holster shell to match your new gun for no extra charge. We offer free shell trades for life, including revolver holster shells.

    We now have over 300 holster shells all molded, cut, and polished to perfection by our trained team of manufacturers. Feel the undeniable quality of an Alien Gear Holster and the shell that makes it all happen.