Springfield XD Mod.2 4 inch Service Model ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

If you want a secure carry but don't to clutter up the waistband, get ready for a shift in what you can expect from a Springfield XD Mod2 drop leg holster. The features and design of the ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster exceed those found on the typical competing model from almost any other holster maker.

The first thing you'll notice about this XD Mod2 leg holster is how comfortably it carries.

The leg platform is contoured, so it sits against your leg comfortably. The thigh straps are elastic, allowing to cinch them up securely without cutting off your circulation.

Durable clips and a heavy duty nylon web belt loop secure the holster platform to the leg. Once you put on this XD Mod2 tactical holster, it doesn't come off until you want it to.

The holster itself is the ShapeShift holster, custom-molded for the XD Mod2 4" pistol. Please note, however, that the holster is only compatible with the 9mm and .40 S&W models. This custom-molded holster means the secure fit you need with an XD Mod2 tactical holster, rather than a substandard "universal" model that doesn't really fit anything.

Adjustable passive retention and active retention are both standard on this Springfield XD Mod2 tactical leg holster. However, both are removable, in case you wish to customize the retention profile. Cant angle is also adjustable, so you can get the holster set up exactly as you want it to.

You'll also notice two additional docking splines. These are for Alien Gear magazine carriers. With the dual mag carrier adapters, up to four spare magazines can be carried along with your pistol and holster. That's a whole lot of firepower in one space.

The ShapeShift XD Mod2 Drop Leg Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. This comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period as well as a Forever Warranty on the holster itself, for the lifetime of the holster.

If you're ready to shift into a better leg holster, start your Test Drive today!

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