Springfield XD Mod.2 4 inch Service Model ShapeShift Core Carry Pack


Please note: The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack, formerly known as the Starter Kit, has been renamed to better represent the four most popular “core” carry styles within our growing modular holster system.

XD Mod 2 4 inch (Service Model) Holster Kit

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System is patent pending.
The ShapeShift Core Carry Pack for the XD Mod2 is compatible with the 9mm and .40 S&W variants of the XD Mod2 4" model. Those who have the XD Mod2 .45 will have to purchase a different model of holster.

Some people carry a gun once in a while, but many people carry one whenever they possibly can and with multiple methods. The ShapeShift XD Mod2 Core Carry Pack is designed for the latter. This Core Carry Pack gives you multiple options of carry method, allowing you to switch to the holster style of your choice at will.

If you want to carry with a Springfield XD Mod2 concealed carry holster, you have multiple choices. You can carry in the strong side or appendix position. If you need to switch to open carry for a range session, carry around the house or in the outdoors, you have choices there as well.

The ShapeShift holster system allows for seamless transition between holster configurations by means of the shell attachment system, connecting a custom-molded retention shell to a holster base platform via a durable, secure connection.

As a result, you have an XD Mod2 gun holster with the fitment necessary for a secure carry, that can be configured to carry in almost any fashion you want.

The Core Carry Pack contains the necessary components for four carry holster configurations. The four included holster types are the most popular types of gun holster for daily carry, as most people - though exceptions exist - carry with one of these types of holster. This carry pack contains:

XD Mod2 IWB Holster, a traditional winged IWB strong side CCW holster with a plush, comfortable backer for effortless all-day carry.

XD Mod2 Appendix Carry Holster, featuring a scaled-down version of the IWB holster base for a comfortable carry in the appendix position.

XD Mod2 Belt Slide OWB Holster, a high-riding belt slide OWB holster that rides high and tight, able to conceal or wear openly as the user sees fit.

XD Mod2 Paddle Holster OWB, a versatile OWB platform with active and passive retention as well as multiple belt attachment options.

The ShapeShift XD Mod2 holster kit is made in the USA, and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and our Forever Warranty, a lifetime warranty on all parts and components.

Shift into a better carry and start your Test Drive today!

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Well worth the wait Review by Van
Had to wait a few months for this to be released for the Springfield XD Mod 2 4 in. Service. Fit and function are awesome. Love the ease of switching between IWB / OWB. This is my first IWB holster and it is extremely comfortable to wear all day.
Just love it!!! (Posted on 3/23/2019)

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