Standard Steel Roller Buckle

    Note: This belt buckle does not include two directional snaps. A complete set of hardware is included with every gun belt purchase.

    To match the quality of your leather gun belt, we’ve integrated a quality nickel-plated steel roller belt buckle. This corrosion resistant buckle, available for just $5, is designed to protect the leather and prevent it from getting scuffed when tightening your handmade gun belt. The buckle’s roller mechanism will allow the leather to effortlessly ‘roll’ through your buckle without being damaged over time.

    As an added bonus, the standard steel roller buckle by Alien Gear Holsters is very simple to install. By unsnapping the two directional snaps, you can quickly and easily swap out your original belt buckle for another. This allows you choose your gun belt buckle to match your outfit each day.

    To ensure the highest level of strength and rigidity, our belts rely on a steel core construction. This reduces any potential bending or warping under the full weight of a firearm. By utilizing spring steel, our handmade leather gun belts are stronger than the average polymer-reinforced gun belts our competitors use. We’ve noticed that plastic or polymer cores tend to break, whereas steel will be with you for the long haul.

    Our leather gun belts are also built with a 7-hole Comfort Fit Feature. While many typical belts only offer five holes of adjustment, our no-sag gun belts are crafted with seven belt notches. So if you carry with and IWB holster one day and an OWB holster the next, you can find a notch to perfectly accommodate your concealed carry lifestyle. Try our belts for seven days, and if you’re not fully satisfied by the fit, exchange your like-new gun belt for another.

    Save $15 on the price of an Alien Gear Gun Belt when purchasing one with any of our gun holsters. To learn more about the strongest gun belts on the planet, visit

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