Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 ShapeShift Starter Kit


Taurus PT111 Millennium G2 ShapeShift Modular Holster System

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System is patent pending.

There is literally no other Taurus PT111 G2 holster in the galaxy like the ShapeShift holster system by Alien Gear. It isn't a holster - it's a complete carry system, allowing multiple methods of carry and customizability like no other holster on this or any other planet.

Wish you could switch between traditional IWB carry and appendix carry? The ShapeShift Taurus PT111 holster allows you to do that.

Sometimes wish you had a paddle holster for easy on, easy off and range work, but then a high-riding PT111 OWB holster for concealment under light outerwear? This holster system allows you to do both.

Want to be able customize retention? The ShapeShift has adjustable retention. Wish you had an active retention device at times but not at others? You've entered the right orbit. Passive retention is adjustable by installing one of three trigger guard brackets, which provide light, medium or heavy passive retention. You can also install the thumb-release or finger release...or both, making the ShapeShift roughly equivalent to a Level III holster.

How we can do this starts with the shell system. We spent two years devising a shell design and a nearly indestructible polymer blend that will ensure a long service life. The ShapeShift comes with right and left-handed full shells and two half shells that cover the right or left trigger guard. They fit together and lock without tools by means of locking rails and a twist-lock.

Carry how you wish by attaching the appropriate components.

Two methods of PT111 G2 IWB carry are possible with this PT111 holster system. Select which by attaching to the appropriate backing pad. You might notice that the two backers are similar to our Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster, featuring the same neoprene backer, spring steel core and Alien Skin thermoelastomer fabric.

For use as a PT111 appendix holster, assemble the full shell and trigger guard shell, and attach to the smaller backing pad. Install the appendix carry belt clip and you have an appendix carry holster for your Taurus.

If a traditional IWB holster is more to your liking, attach the larger backer. You can also adjust the belt clips to set the ride height and grip cant to your desired settings, just as with our other IWB holsters.

If you prefer outside the waistband carry, there are two Taurus PT111 OWB holster configurations that can be employed. For a high-ride OWB concealed carry holster, attach the smaller backer and use the included belt slide attachments. Carried this way, the holster can easily conceal under an untucked shirt with a long hem, or under light outerwear.
For open carry, either on a daily basis or at the range or in the woods, attach the two full shells together with the locking rails and use the twist lock to completely lock them in place. A paddle attachment - very similar to that of our Cloak Mod holster - will attach via the spline attachment. Then, you have a PT111 paddle holster.

If you like to carry more than one way, the ShapeShift brings all of them together...and does them all expertly.

We also offer our comprehensive guarantee, including a 30-day "Test Drive" trial period (during which you can return your holster for a refund if unsatisfied) and a lifetime warranty. We will fix any issue, regardless of how it occurs, or give you a new holster.

Once you try the ShapeShift, your expectations of what a holster can be may be changed. It might be the last holster you ever have to buy.

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Outstanding!!! Review by Brooks
Love my ShapeShift Kit!! Comfort is amazing! Retention is perfect! Easy draw and easy re holster with the IWB set up. Great purchase! You want one!! (Posted on 12/25/2017)

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