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velcro holster

Convenient handgun storage with a gun safe pistol holder

Off-the-body holster mounts typically require bolting a platform to a flat surface, allowing the gun owner to then secure a holster to the location. This will cause permanent holes in the surface.

But what if you don't want to (or can't) permanently affect the surface by drilling into it?

Well, that problem is why we're releasing our newest addition to the ShapeShift Modular Holster System, the ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster.

It uses "VELCRO® Brand fastener" (yes, their legal team requires that trademarked verbiage) to attach to a surface, creating something like, for example, a gun safe pistol holder.

But why release another holster mount if we already have three available?

Why does this hook and loop holster exist?

adhesive holster

Simply put: if it solves a problem, it's a good product for someone somewhere. That's the case with our new hook and loop holster.

It can be used to secure a holster inside a desk drawer, within a car's center console, to the side of a bed or on any clean, flat surface.

The holster exists because it's convenient.

The idea of "convenience" in the holster industry is more than just creating a good experience or developing a simple product.

Convenience in a holster means ease of access for the carrier. Ease of access to a handgun in the face of a lethal threat means increased odds of safety.

So when we release a new product for the sake of convenience, it means making safety more accessible for the American public.

In total: the holster fills a niche requirement and offers an immediately accessible option for safe, off-the-body firearm storage. A handgun can be safely holstered within reach no matter where you are, generally speaking.

How does this holster mount work and how reliable is it?

hook and loop mount
Let's dig into the hook and loop fastener used in this holster mount, and how it functions.

A proprietary polymer shell is bolted to an edge-bound base that has VELCRO® Brand Hook 88 sewn to the bottom.

A small pad of VELCRO® Brand Loop 1000 (which we've dubbed the Landing Pad) is adhered with VELCRO® Brand 72 Adhesive System to a flat surface, and cured over 24 hours. Once fully set, the holster base with hooks can be secured to that small pad.

Their naming conventions don't exactly roll off the tongue, but it's industrial-grade stuff.

It functions in heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. It will endure thousands of holster removals.

This holster is offered in both the ShapeShift Series and the Cloak Series. Both systems combined, there are nearly 600 compatible handguns.

While the holster uses VELCRO® Brand fasteners, the trigger guard is fully enclosed with a rigid polymer blend.

The holster uses industrial hook and loop fastener to secure a thermoformed handgun shell to a location of your choosing (like inside a gun safe or under a desk).

Sounds pretty cool, but...

Is this adhesive holster for you?

adhesive velcro holster
Who is this adhesive holster for? What's the point?

That's not poking holes in the validity of the holster. It's a valid question.

This is for any gun owner who wants to securely store their firearm in a safe location off-the-body with a holster mount that requires zero tools.

It will function in cars, in homes, in gun safes, under desks or, well, you get the idea. Choose a flat surface. Adhere the VELCRO® Brand Loop 1000 pad. Wait 24 hours. And you have a lightweight, but incredibly strong, handgun storage method.

Try it with our 30-Day Test Drive.

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