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A Look Back At Alien Gear 2016 New Products

This year has been the best so far in our existence, and the Alien Gear 2016 product lineup was certainly amazing. We are very proud of the work we did, and we hope that you have enjoyed using them...or will do. (We think you'll love them.)

As this year draws to a close, we'd like to take a look back at the products we launched this year.

Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster

best owb holster

This year's major holster launch was our Cloak Mod OWB Paddle holster. We set out to improve on the hybrid OWB holster and set a new standard on what could be expected from one. The end result speaks for itself, as the Cloak Mod is one of the most versatile OWB holsters on the market.

The Cloak Mod has the same spring steel core as the Cloak Tuck 3.0. The spring steel flex plate pushes your pistol into the polymer shell, providing more passive retention than almost any other holster is capable of. Just like every other holster in our lineup, the Cloak Mod uses our swappable, adjustable shells. Set the retention to your desired setting, and switch between any model of shell should you wish to carry more than one pistol with your holster.

The Mod can also be canted 15 degrees to the positive or negative as the wearer wishes, an adjustment that many OWB paddle holsters do not allow to be made.

The other feature we built into the Cloak Mod is the ability to carry as a paddle holster or a belt slide holster. Both belt attachments are included with purchase. To switch, the user only needs to disassemble the holster and put it back together with the correct attachment.

Not long after release, we noticed that some people wanted a more rigid belt slide attachment, whilst some preferred a softer belt slide attachment. We now make both, and the purchaser merely needs to select the one they want at the point of purchase.

The Cloak Mag Carriers

best magazine holsters

People have been asking for magazine carriers for years, but the reason we took so long to release our Cloak Mag Carriers is not because we weren't listening. (We were.) The reason is that Alien Gear isn't satisfied with the same old magazine holster design that every other holster company makes. We believe in doing things better and smarter.

We had to create a magazine carrier design that was more versatile, more concealable and all-around better than what most other holster companies offer.

Our mag carriers are fully adjustable for cant, and can be worn inside or outside the waistband. Outside the waistband, they can be worn at any cant angle the user desires - forward cant, rearward cant or fully horizontal if desired. Inside the waistband, forward or rearward cant angles can be chosen as well.

Belt clips for IWB carry and OWB carry are included. The outside carry belt clip is larger, for a more secure hold on the beltline. An IWB backer, made with the same thermoelastomer top surface and neoprene backer as the Cloak Tuck 3.0, is included for comfortable carry inside the waistband.

You can choose single or double mag carriers. The double carriers include a double carry bracket for OWB carry, which are compatible with the belt slide and paddle attachments for the Cloak Mod OWB holster.

The magazine buckets themselves are two-piece molded high-impact polymer, and are adjustable for retention with an included Allen key - just like our holster shells.

Another feature of the magazine bucket is the interior riser. If you could take the magazine bucket apart, you'd see an upside-down "V" shaped riser on the bottom. If you look at a loaded magazine, the rounds sit at an upwardly-tilted angle. The riser ensures the top round in the magazine sits flush inside the magazine bucket, ensuring a perfect fit. It's inverted so the magazine can face backward or forward, entirely at the wearer's discretion.

We designed our mag carriers for the utmost in function and versatility. After all, good things come to those who wait.

Bed, Wall or Car Holster Mounting Systems

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There are holster mounts out there, but very few that work with an actual holster - which is why we created the Cloak Dock OWB and IWB holster mount systems. This allows the user to remove and dock their carry holster or use a holster as part of a docking station.

The Cloak Dock OWB holster mount is compatible with our Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster, so the paddle attachment must be employed in order to use it. The user simply slides the holster with the paddle over the docking bar until it clicks into place. The Cloak Dock can also be used with the holster canted forward or rearward. It can be installed to use with the holster facing outward or inward.

Our Cloak Dock IWB can be used with any of our IWB holsters. Just like the OWB Cloak Dock, this holster mount slides over the two holster docking clips until it clicks into place. To remove, gently lift up the holster belt clips and slide out. It can be used with the holster facing inward or outward, though we strongly recommend it only be used with the holster shell and pistol facing outward. The holster can sag and not provide stable or adequate retention if deployed otherwise.

Both holster mounts can be used as a wall mount, desk mount, furniture mount or car holster mount, allowing the user to dock their holster when they wish to. When deployed as a vehicle holster mount, the user can take out their holster for comfort and faster access if needed. In the home, the user can likewise take off their holster whilst still keeping it in easy reach for the carrier but out of reach of children. As a desk mount, this allows you to carry at work without the discomfort of wearing a holster while sitting.

No need to run to the hardware store - we include all needed hardware with each Cloak Dock. All you'll need is a power drill, and we even throw in the drill bit. Installation couldn't be easier with the included instructions.

The Cloak Dock IWB and OWB holster mount systems are a whole new way to approach carrying. This allows you to dock a pistol or a pistol AND holster when it isn't needed or desired to be worn, while keeping a pistol in close proximity. No other holster company offers a solution to make carry this convenient.

Alien Gear's new products for 2016 have continued our legacy of redefining design of concealed carry gear. You can bet that we will continue to set the concealed carry world on it's ear in 2017. Stay tuned for signs of new forms of holsters and other gear…

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