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How Do I Wear The ShapeShift Ankle Holster With Boots?

Wondering how you wear the ShapeShift Ankle Holster with boots? It's a good thing to wonder, as some folks wear them every day and they are standard footwear during winter months. Wearing an ankle holster is easy the rest of the time, but is made more complicated with more strenuous footwear.

The answer?

Ankle carry is easy with the ShapeShift ankle holster, even with boots! It partially depends on you and on the boots you, specifically, are wearing. Since your mileage will vary, you're going to have to figure out what applies to you. That said, the basics are pretty easy...

Alien Gear Ankle Holster Is Adjustable For Ride Height

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One of the well-known features of the Alien Gear ankle holster is that it features adjustable ride height, along with adjustable passive retention. In other words, you can move the holster further down on the holster base to carry it lower or raise it up in order to take it higher. There's obviously a limit; it only goes up so far. However, many users report that the range of adjustment is sufficient for their needs.

How do you adjust the ride height of the ShapeShift ankle holster?

You'll notice that the ShapeShift shell attaches to a ladder-style rail, which can be used to move the holster up and down. To raise or lower the holster, you undo the ankle wrap, undo the twist lock, and place the holster up or down until it's in the right position for you. Then, you replace the twist lock and rewrap the strap until it's fastened with the hook and loop fastener.

Pretty simple, right? Now, what about using the ShapeShift Ankle Holster with boots?

Boot Length Determines How You Use The Ankle Holster

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So, what is going to determine how you use the ankle holster is the height of your boots. Now, there's a certain amount of wiggle room, so to speak; exactly where the holster rides on you depends on the shape of your foot and so on. Therefore, you may find that your ankle holster sits a little lower of higher than it does on someone of the same height and shoe size.

That said, let's briefly discuss boot length and how that's measured.

Boot height is measured by the insole to the top of the boot shaft in pull-on boots. It's different, however, for lace-ups.

Lace-up boots are usually 1 inch shorter than pull-on boots that are said to have the same shaft length because the length is measured by the eyelets rather than shaft height. So, a 6-inch lace-up boot actually has a 5-inch boot shaft, but the strip of eyelets will be 6 inches long in total.

Since eyelets are almost universally 1 inch apart, that means a 6-eyelet boot is a 6-inch boot, an 8-eyelet boot is 8 inches and so on and so forth.

This is for standard lacing. If you wear semi-lace-to-toe or lace-to-toe boots, the length will be the height from the insole plus one inch.

So, what sort of boots are people likely to wear?

Typically, people who wear fashion boots in the office setting will wear 6-inch boots. These are a good middle ground between sturdy footwear - often needed in winter - and comfort, especially if you don't want your feet to boil once you get in from the cold. Pull-on boots (such as the Chelsea boot style) will usually be 6 inches in height, 6-inch lace-ups will have a 5-inch shaft.

Some people wear 6-inch work boots, but 8-inch work boots tend to be more common for those who labor out of doors or those who wear duty boots such as law enforcement or security personnel. Those in the logging industry and linesmen will usually have 10-inch or taller lace-up boots.

How To Wear The ShapeShift Ankle Holster With Boots

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Now that we have that out of the way, how DO you wear the ShapeShift Ankle Holster with boots?

First, figure out the length of boot that you wear and where the holster naturally rides on your foot. Now, the upper limit of wearing the holster outside the boot is generally with boots that are 5 inches to 6 inches tall. Again, your mileage may vary, but that's typical.

If the holster just tucks into a 5-inch to 6-inch boot at the standard setting, you raise the holster up until it clears the mouth of the boot shaft. Install the twist lock and replace the ankle wrap, and there you go.

The best way to put the holster on is to put the heel strap on first, then place your foot in the boot before tying the laces. Dock the ankle wrap with the heel strap, insert the pistol and then wrap the rest of the ankle strap around the holster. Lace up your boots and carry on.

If you have a 7-inch to 8-inch boot, you may need to put the holster inside the boot shaft. Some users have had to and others haven't; your mileage may vary. If clearance is sufficient, take the holster to the highest ride height setting and put on as normal.

If you must put the holster inside the boot, make sure that the grip of the pistol is clear of the mouth of the boot. You need to get adequate purchase in order for a secure draw.

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