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Welcome to the Alien Gear Holsters Concealed Carry Blog! Although we specialize in concealed carry holsters, we cover many other CCW topics here. Our gun writers discuss every facet of concealed carry best practices other gun tips! Whether you’re new or experienced carrier, you’ll be sure to find our gun blog helpful and informative. Check out any of our articles and remember to like, share, and comment!

  1. Best Handgun for a Woman – Top Choices Reviewed

    charissa_littlejohn charissa_littlejohn

    Finding the right handgun that fits comfortably in your grasp and functions as an extension of yourself is a significant decision, especially for women looking to ensure their own protection. With the evolution in firearms technology, the best handgun for a woman is often a blend of comfort, ease of use, and reliability. This article dives deep into the latest models and manufacturers, bringing to light the top-rated handguns for women.


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  2. Springfield Prodigy: Compact Carry Power Unveiled

    Springfield Prodigy FirearmsSpringfield Prodigy Firearms

    Did you know that the Springfield Armory Prodigy has quickly risen to become one of the top choices for compact carry firearms? Its outstanding performance and unrivaled versatility have caught the attention of gun enthusiasts everywhere.

    With its solid construction and attention to detail, the Springfield Prodigy delivers power and reliability in a compact package. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a first-time buyer, this pistol is a game-changer in the world

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  3. Glock 10mm Guide: Power & Precision Unleashed

    5 10mm Glock Firearms5 10mm Glock Firearms

    Tracing its lineage back to the influential Glock 17, the Glock 10mm variant has emerged as a formidable contender in the world of handguns. This powerful 10mm pistol has evolved through a series of refinements and innovations, ushering in an era where precision and force coalesce. As gun enthusiasts search for the best

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  4. Canik Mete MC9 Review: Specs & Performance

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  5. Walther PDP Review: Top Features & Performance

    Walther PDP FirearmWalther PDP Firearm

    As the latest evolution in the Walther line of fine firearms, the Walther PDP pistol is a platform that brings innovation to the forefront of personal defense weaponry. Building upon a strong foundation laid by its forebears, the PDP, short for Personal Defense Pistol, has made a splash within the firearms community for its impeccable blend of form and function. This Walther PDP review aims to delve into the aspects that elevate the PDP above

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  6. Top Picks for Best Shooting Ear Protection 2024

    Earmuff Ear Protection front viewEarmuff Ear Protection front view

    The quest for the best shooting ear protection is not just about comfort or convenience—it's a critical decision for preserving one of our most valuable senses. With firearms emitting sound levels that can instantly damage hearing, selecting top-notch protection is essential for anyone involved in shooting activities. Renowned brands like Axil stand out for their commitment to safety, offering gear that not only meets

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  7. Top Best 10mm Handguns for Peak Performance 2024

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  8. Springfield Armory Echelon Pistol Review & Specs

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  9. Top Picks for Best Concealed Carry Gun 2024

    Sig P365 HandgunSig P365 Handgun

    If you are in the market for the best concealed carry gun, look no further. We have done the research and gathered expert reviews to bring you the top picks in 2024. Whether you prioritize compact sizehigh capacity, or optics-ready features, these firearms have it all. With our recommendations, you can find the perfect handgun for self-defense and peace of

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  10. Top Rated .22 Pistols for Shooting Enthusiasts

    Sig Sauer MosquitoSig Sauer Mosquito

    The demand and popularity of .22 pistols continues to rise, and manufacturers have responded by producing a wide array of .22 pistol configurations. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a first-time gun owner, a .22 caliber handgun is a practical and valuable asset to own. Here are eight of the best .22 pistols to consider for precision, affordability, and reliability:

    • The best .22 pistols offer a combination of reliability, accuracy, and affordability.
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