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Sig P220 vs. P227: Battle Of The Big Bore Sigs

If you wanted a big, old-school Sig Sauer but just can't be bothered with some lame old 9mm, that will inexorably lead you to deciding between the P220 vs P227. Trying to decide between these guns is actually rather difficult, because the difference between them is so slight that it's amazing that Sig actually sells both.

That said, both are excellent choices of pistol in .45 caliber. Either is a fantastic pistol and certainly one you could bet your life on. Granted, concealed carrying either of these guns...takes commitment.

Sig P220: The Reason Why You Know About Sig


The Sig P226 is what made Sig Sauer a name, but it was the Sig P220 that set the stage for it. After all, the P226 was developed from the P220.

The P220 is a big service pistol, carrying 8+1 of .45 ACP. It's rugged, it's accurate, and its reliable. It's served as a police sidearm and in select military units worldwide, so it's one of the classic service pistols. The control layout is arguably the best for DA/SA operation. You get a decocking lever instead of a safety or decocking safety, and all operational controls - slide release, decocker and magazine release - are within reach of the thumb. Accessory rails are standard on all but the Gen2 Carry model, which has a "melted" slide.

You also get a good amount of choice. You can select a full size model with a 4.4-inch barrel, a Carry model with a 3.9-inch barrel, and a number of upgraded trim editions including Stainless models, the Sig Legion line, and even a Hunter model in 10mm.

However, the P220 is a big hunk of gun. The Full Size models stand 7.7 inches long, 5.5 inches high and sit 1.5 inches wide, weighing in at 30.4 ounces. The Carry models reduce length to 7.1 inches, making them a bit easier to conceal lengthwise but not in any other way. SIGLITE night sights are also standard.

You also pay the Sig premium, as MSRP starts at $1,087. Granted, you get a gun that can be passed down to your grandchildren and will still be working. It is, without question or shadow of doubt, one of the all time great handguns.


Sig P227: Basically The Same Gun With Only One Difference


Thing about deciding between the Sig P220 vs. P227 is the P227 is basically the same gun. Why Sig Sauer offers both seems a bit odd at least on paper, because it makes it seem like one of these guns is redundant.

The controls and features are the same. There are Full Size and Carry models, and upgraded trim packages...though the P227 does not have a model in 10mm. The dimensions are even the same.

What the heck is the difference? Capacity, and even then not by much.

The Sig P227 was designed for a double-stack magazine rather than a single-stack, which increases the carrying capacity by a whopping two rounds. That's right, it goes up to 10+1 rather than 8+1.

The weight is also increased by about 1.6 ounces in the Full Size model. The Sig P227 Carry also weighs a little more...0.1 ounces more, to be exact.

The price is even the same.


Choosing Between The Sig P220 vs P227

sig p220 and sig p227

Which is better between the Sig P220 vs P227? Well...truth be told, there isn't really a feature that sets one apart over the other. Nearly everything is literally the same. It's not like one is a great concealed carry Sig and the other one isn't.

In fact, neither is a particularly great concealed carry pistol given the size, weight and comparatively low capacity compared to other CCW guns that hold more. Heck, a decent Commander-frame 1911 is going to have the same capacity as the P220 with an 8-round magazine and will be easier to carry and conceal by a huge margin.

The P227 does have slightly thinner grips, which you may or may not notice while handling it. Outside of that, shooting these guns are going to be about the same: excellent.

Ultimately, you're going to have to ask yourself if you want the extra two rounds or not, because you won't pay any more for them. If so, the P227 is the gun for you. If that doesn't matter, see if one feels better to you, as that will be the better gun.

Either way, you're getting a .45 the size of a Buick...but one that you can count on when you need it.

Have you shot these firearms? What did you like, and what didn't you?
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