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Alien Gear Holsters Has A New Belt Slide Attachment

Alien Gear Holsters has made some updates to our belt slide attachment design. In fact, we've completely changed it.

Our new belt slide attachment for select models of OWB holsters is designed to be more comfortable to wear for longer periods, and to function a little better.

So, what else do you need to know about our new belt slide?

Why The New Belt Slide Attachment?

belt slide

Nothing cannot be improved in some way, and we thought it was time to update our belt slide attachment for the Cloak Mod Paddle Holster and the ShapeShift Paddle Holster OWB.

The belt attachments for those holsters, when first created, were the Alien Gear Holsters paddle - which we still make, of course - and two models of belt slide attachment. They were simple polymer tunnels; the belt goes through the tunnel, fasten your belt and there you go.

We then expanded it to include both Rigid and Comfort models, with a hard polymer and the Comfort model with a bit more flex to it.

They worked very well, but we did get a good amount of customer feedback - as well as our own experience; we don't just make it, we use our gear! - we found the rather narrow width of the previous belt slide design could be a little uncomfortable, even with the comfort model, as the narrow belt slide would dig into the hip at times. We also found it was a little less stable than we'd like it to be, since - again - there's a lot less material holding the holster against the side.

So we decided to do something about it.

The New Belt Slide Attachment


To improve on our belt slide attachment design, we took some design cues from our paddle holster attachment. Almost all users have found the paddle contour to be comfortable, and when the paddle is attached to the belt rather than the waistband, incredibly solid.

So we created a paddle shape, and added a belt channel for the belt to be threaded through.

The paddle shape (some might almost say shovel shape) is contoured, so that it sits comfortably against the side. If you owned the previous belt slide, you'll definitely notice the difference. The attachment spreads the weight of the pistol and holster out a little more, so you won't get the narrow belt tunnel digging into your side.

It's more comfortable to wear, and a little more stable against the side.

You'll also notice the new bolt pattern on the back.

The belt slide is made to work with all of our OWB holsters that use our swappable belt attachments, including the ShapeShift Paddle Holster, Cloak Mod, and even the Rapid Force Duty Holster when equipped with the quick disconnect mount.

The cant adjustment capability remains, so you can wear your holster with a positive or negative cant angle if so desired.

The New Belt Slide Is Now Standard For Compatible OWB Holsters

belt slide attachment

Our new belt slide attachment is now standard for all holsters with the swappable belt attachments. That is what will come in the packaging, along with the Alien Gear Holsters' signature paddle design.

The Cloak Mod and ShapeShift Paddle Holster will both come with the new belt slide and paddle both, giving you the option of installing whichever attachment you prefer.

If you currently own a Cloak Mod or ShapeShift Paddle Holster (or even both!) you can certainly upgrade by purchasing a belt slide attachment for use with your holster. Sorry, but they aren't eligible for a free upgrade as part of a warranty service unless your belt slide attachment was to break.

While the original was very functional, the new belt slide attachment is definitely an improvement.