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Improving your Shooting Skills On The Gun Range

Range time is absolutely essential for any shooter who is serious about improving and maintaining their skills. However, it is not enough to simply head to the range, put a couple of boxes of ammo down range, and then calling it a day. Shooters must introduce variety into their shooting practice in order to sharpen their skills most efficiently. Here are some of the best ways to hone your skills on the range.

Holster Practice

This might not be the most fun part of honing your shooting skills, but having a fluid and smooth holstering action, for both drawing and stowing your weapon, is one of the most important parts of gaining improved shooting skills. Although this practice can be achieved at home with a weapon that has been ensured to be empty, working the action of holstering into your shooting on the actual range will go much further towards improving your all around shooting.

Make it a point to practice drawing your weapon, going through your shooting motions, and re-holstering until it starts to become like second nature. Once you are more comfortable with this, introduce actual firing into the process. Before long, you will be a much more efficient shooting and be ready for any potential practical application.

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Range Variety

Every shooter has a favorite range for practicing their shooting. However, mixing up the ranges you shoot at will help you be more comfortable firing your weapon in a variety of situations. The last thing you want to do is become so used to firing in the same surroundings that you begin to relax important skills that are essential.

Not only should you make an effort to shoot at a new location every so often, but this tip also applies to the distance to your target.

Fire your weapon at targets of different ranges. You might be able to shoot tiny groups at a certain distance all day, but if a situation arose with a target at a different distance, you would not be prepared.

Challenging Shooting Targets

Stationary targets at a uniform height and distance are great for general shooting practice and for sighting in your weapon. However, they are not the only type of target that you need to be shooting at. There are a variety of targets on the market that provide shooters with unpredictable shot distances and angles. They are fairly inexpensive in cost, but are invaluable in the practice that they provide a shooter.

When impacted, these targets jump, roll, and bounce in random fashion.

This not only improves a shooter’s accuracy, but also their ability to predict ranges and reliably put shots on target in stressful situations. These targets are designed to be used outdoors so always be sure to find a safe shooting area and to be sure of your background.

Tape your Shooting practice

Having the ability to evaluate your shooting technique on film after a day of shooting can help you to discover flaws in your shooting process and, in turn, correct those flaws. With the prevalence of smart phones in today’s society, nearly everyone has access to a quality video recorder of some kind. Set up a camera on a tripod if you are shooting alone or have your shooting partner film you if you are shooting with someone else.

Review the footage later and evaluate areas where you may improve.

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