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Concealed Carry at the Gym - How to conceal carry a firearm while working out

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Ever try running with a concealed carry holster attached to your jogging shorts? It's a pleasure that mostly only the Secret Service really have to deal with. And depending on the weather, it's nearly impossible to keep a compact or sub-compact concealed carry handgun hidden.

In this article, we're going to talk about taking a concealed carry handgun to the gym – and why it's a good and potentially bad thing.

Downsize or Leave the CCW in the Gym Locker?

This comes up pretty often. A lot of people will ask whether it's better to switch down to a micro sized pistol in an iwb handgun holster or simply store your CCW weapon in a secure locker.

Given the scenario a gym member has time to run to the locker, retrieve his or her pistol, and then use it – more power to that person. However, when incidents do pop up where shootings occur at the gym, the need to be able to respond is near instantaneous.

In this case, the best possible solution does appear to be a micro compact pistol in a concealed carry holster. The far second would be a fanny pack with a micro compact pistol or revolver or an ankle holster. Perhaps this is the back-up to a main stored securely in a vehicle or locker – it could be that lifeline.

While we're usually adamant about advising against using a purse or bag as a CCW holster, for extremely mobile operations where clothing is extremely light and flexible – here are the basic premises:

  • Firearm safety still applies.
  • Where is the muzzle pointing?
  • Is the weapon secure (direct control of the owner)?
  • Does the gym allow for firearms on the premises?

When it comes to your life and the lives of those next to you, as long as it's done safely and securely – it's a consideration.

Colder Temperatures Make CCW Easier

A lot of gyms are kept temperature regulated. This means it is possible to keep either an inside the waistband concealed carry holster for a micro or sub compact when attached to a pair of track pants and covered by a track jacket. This is probably the most ideal configuration.

concealed carry while working out at the gym

CCW at the Gym is Activity Dependant

If you plan on doing heavy cardiovascular activities like Cross Fit, aerobics, or yoga – there's not very many ways to keep a weapon concealed and secure. If you're taking your concealed carry pistol before heavy cardiovascular activity – store it in a designated, secure locker.

A couple activities to make this process a bit smoother:

Time yourself unlocking your locker and withdrawing your pistol.

This will give you an idea of how long it takes to go from unarmed to armed given the opportunity to go get it. Honestly, the way to the locker room in the first place is a sort of pitfall all its own. Simply getting in there, getting the lock open and retrieving your CCW firearm is going to be a thing unto itself.

If you downsize to a micro compact, experiment with an inside the waistband holster.

Is it practical for your activities? Does it ride smoothly and stay secure throughout your workout? Different clothing styles, body types, and activities will help determine this. This is something best determined in a safe area first. The reason why an IWB concealed carry holster can be ideal for gym activities is it keeps the pistol secure and accessible. However, again, depending on your activities, clothing selection, and body type – this may not be plausible.

What techniques do you use to conceal carry at the gym?
Tell us in the comments section below.

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