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what not to do when carrying a gun

What Not To Do When When Carrying A Concealed Carry Firearm

To start of with please never do what the guy in the picture above is doing. First of you need a holster, second keep that finger of that trigger. The above photo model is clearly not trained in gun safety, nor is the photographer who took this picture. Let's run down on some other things you never do while carrying a gun.

Get drunk in a bar

Some states explicitly state you can't drink and carry. Others simply stipulate you cannot go into alcohol-serving establishments while carrying concealed. Others are not at all explicit. In either case, if you see someone with a concealed firearm and he's “half in the wrapper”, he's in the wrong. Concealed carry and alcohol don't mix. Concealed carry and any inebriated state of mind don't mix.

Simply Walk Into Mordor aka Federal Buildings

what not to do when carrying a gun

Federal buildings are almost completely off limits to concealed carriers. Federal courthouses, jails, the Post Office – they're all “no-go”s. And before anyone decides to get into it in the comments section about how unfair or unjust this is – just go ahead and accept that nobody enjoys facing off against the Federal prosecutors who accompany breaches in Federal law.

Drink and carry and drive

Talk about triple whammies. If you're driving drunk with a concealed handgun, you're in the wrong. More importantly, there's no way that's not clearly illegal. So just don't do it – ever. This is probably the fastest way to lose your concealed carry permit.

Draw your pistol to impress someone

concealed carry mistakes

A concealed carry pistol stays hidden and in its holster until you need to use it to protect your life, maintain it, lock it up, or do some target practice. There's no reason to draw your pistol as a point of a conversation with a stranger in a public place. If you're at the gun range or an acceptable place, by all means. But drawing your weapon can be interpreted as a threat depending upon where you are in the country. So, make sure you're in the right setting to start comparing guns.

Draw your pistol to threaten someone

Texas is perhaps a short exception where they make it explicitly clear you can draw your gun to dissuade someone from committing a violent felony. Outside of Texas and maybe a few other states, there's no acceptable reason to draw your gun unless you intend to use it. A firearm is not an “argument settler” or a “peacemaker” to two idiots arguing. It's a deadly weapon and you need to make sure you're within your rights to use it before it comes out.

Leave your gun visible in your car

what not to do when carrying a gun

If you're in the car, your gun is inside your IWB holster. If you're outside of the car, your handgun is either on you or locked up and out of sight inside the vehicle. The reasons for this ought to be clear but we'll spell it out: thieves love free guns.

Leave your gun laying around the house

This is true especially if you have children – you should never leave a gun unsecured. A gun is considered secure if it is either a.) on your physical body in a holster or b.) locked up.

Let other people borrow your gun

what not to do when carrying a gun

Your gun protects you, your family, and your property – not someone else's. Concealed carriers usually go through quite a bit of inconvenience and money to be able to legally carry concealed. Why jeopardize or risk it by lending your gun to another person? If you're at the range, that's one thing. But out in daily life or “special assignment”? That's crazy talk.

Keep yourself concealed carrying and prevent all concealed carry mistakes that you can avoid.

James England

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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.