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Professions that should allow employees to concealed carry

jobs that should allow ccw

And you say your job is tough? While having the ability to conceal carry ought be a right upheld in the workplace and out of it, some jobs have an increased risk of being the victim of violence. As such, it would only make sense that these people should have the ability to conceal a firearm on his or her person, right?

Previously we discussed: "Can I Conceal Carry At Work?".

Today we are going through the top five professions where having a concealed carry firearm is just a plain good idea. We've eliminated those who already either allow it (police officers, military, corrections, etc.).

Emergency Medical Technicians

This may sound extremely counter intuitive to some but EMTs are often called into hot, undecided, and heavily contested situations. And sometimes, they arrive before firefighters and police do. When there are injured, wounded, and the sick there may also be violent offenders who are violent and pose a threat to the EMTs and their patients. That's definitely a great reason for these heroes to have the right to carry concealed carry firearms on their person.

Airline Pilots and Flight Attendants

Since 9/11, domestic airlines have certainly examined their policies allowing pilots to carry a firearm on board an airplane. That hasn't stopped some airline pilots from attempting it and running into some very unfortunate hot legal messes. Because pilots can be called upon to fly their craft to all sorts of international destinations, a concealed carry permit simply won't begin scratch the surface. However, if you check out our article on discharging weapons on a plane – it's not necessarily the worst idea ever to have a pilot be armed so long as he or she is properly trained. And as for flight attendants, they are often the first line of defense in the event of any disaster taking place.

Case in point: Even Russian Cosmonauts get to take a firearm with them to space but airline pilots can't take a concealed carry pistol on an airplane from Los Angeles to Houston? Full Story

Social Workers

This is one of the toughest jobs in society par none. Underpaid, overworked, and loaded with bureaucracy, these men and women have to go out to some of the most dangerous places in the United States unarmed and unescorted. Many are tasked with dealing with the extremely mentally deranged and, in the less extreme but equally dangerous, visiting households where their clients are constantly under the threat of violence.

Case in point: Social worker was gunned down at a bus stop in Philly after she uncovers a plot to mismanage thousands of dollars in her nonprofit program. Full Story

Scout Leaders

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Cub Scouts of America all mark civicly minded organizations dedicated to fostering a better community and leadership for young boys and girls across the United States. However, they may often be called to go out to potentially dangerous places to either sell girl scout cookies or set up camp in the woods. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea if their scout leader had a concealed carry pistol on his or her person? Full Story

Case in point: Girl scout shot in Indiana on her way to sell cookies with other girl scouts.

Teachers, Professors, and Faculty

There's perhaps nothing more devastating than hearing about another school shooting. But even more insidious than these tragic events are the day-to-day acts of violence that occur once students are outside the confines of the classroom. Teachers are often powerless to stop armed assaults from taking place on pupils as they make their way to the bus stop. And with the rise of gang activity preying on middle schoolers and high schoolers, it would only make sense that in order to stop an act of violence, the first adults on the scene ought be in the position to return fire.

Case in point: Two high schoolers killed within an hour of each other. One was in the school parking lot. Full Story

Other professions that could benefit from CCW:

What do you think? What other professions should be included in this list?
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