How to Carry a Firearm Concealed under just a T-Shirt

how to conceal carry with just a t-shirt

Summer is almost here! For a lot of the country, it's t-shirt weather already. A big question we get from a lot of our readers is how to properly conceal a firearm with just a t-shirt on. And it's understandably a rough point of contention. The whole point of having a concealed firearm is to not disclose it's there. T-shirts don't offer a lot of concealment.

Is it better to open carry a firearm or to do a horrible job of concealed carry?

For those who live in states where it's perfectly fine to open carry a firearm – this may be the time to do that. For those who wish to maintain a concealed nature about whether or not they have a firearm on them – there's some real issues surrounding t-shirts.

Redirection Versus Concealment

What is the biggest thing people are looking for when spotting a concealed carrier? It's the outline. A distinctly shaped outline of a gun is a dead give away. Lighter colors make this outline much more visible and distinct. Dark colors – such as black or subdued tones – distract.

For most concealed carriers, an inside the waistband concealed carry holster is the norm. With pants that are slim or tight to the form and a t-shirt which is the same, an inside the waistband conceal carry holster is going to show.


Redirection is the best way to go for tighter or more form fitting shirts. Loose, comfortable pants or even cargo shorts are a safe bet. And the best way to go for t-shirts is through darker colors.

Some may try to argue that the outline could be a cell phone, pager, or insulin pump. If that person is in a place where there is no obstacle to him openly wearing a firearm in the first place – this is a perfectly logical argument. However, if that person is at a state fair or outdoor event – being spotted as someone who may have a firearm on him may not be helpful.

The best outfit to wear is a nondescript darker colored, loose t-shirt with a pair of comfortably fitting pants or shorts. It will be the easiest way of maintaining an inside the waistband concealed carry weapon.

To Ankle Holster or Not to Ankle Holster – That is the Question

For those who like to tuck in their t-shirts into the waistband and don't want to openly carry, an ankle holster is a potential solution. However, one of the biggest drawbacks to an ankle holster is the lack of immediate availability. Concealed carriers train to win. And when a firearm is attached to an ankle holster, there is a considerable delay and exposure before a concealed carry weapon can be employed.

Delays are deadly.

That's why, in order to enjoy looser, lighter clothing in warmer weather – sacrifices to style must be made. The more folds and creases that can naturally be formed in a layer of clothing, the more chance there is to obscure or redirect a person's attention away from a weapon inside the waistband.

Do you have any secrets to concealing a firearm while wearing a t-shirt?
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James England

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James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.