A Better Breed Of Pistol? Find Out In Our CZ P10 C Review…

Classically, CZ has always been known for their hammer-fired DA/SA pistols...but the CZ P10 C is considered a total sleeper gun, a pistol that is quietly better than a lot of other options on the market.

Is it? Heck yes. It doesn't reinvent the wheel by any stretch of the imagination, but what the P10 series brings to the table is subtle refinements over other guns of the type that make it arguably better out of the box compared to the other big-brand offerings.

Look...there's no such thing as a Glock killer. But there are some guns that make a serious case for themselves as an alternative, and the CZ P10 C (and the P10 F and P10 S full-size and subcompacts, respectively) are definitely up there.

So let's get into this.

CZ P10 C Specifications

Barrel length

4.02 inches

Overall length

7.3 inches


5.2 inches


1.26 inches

Weight (unloaded)

26 oz


15+1 (9mm)



There are several models of the P10C that have emerged in the fullness of time (which we'll get to) but there are features that all share in common. Overall, the gun is just big enough to be easy to shoot really, really well, but just compact enough to be good for everyday carry.

The frame has a 1913 rail for mounting a light or laser. The slide has forward and rear cocking serrations, with a dovetailed rear sight and CZ's longitudinal dovetail for the front sight.

The frame has some relief at the top of the grip, and there are textured indexing pads above the trigger guard on both sides. The trigger guard is undercut, and the rear of the frame has a nice, high flat shelf for getting a high, tight grip for shooting or grasping the pistol to draw.

The grip has swappable backstraps to dial in the fit, and the gun's grip texture is aggressive which could be viewed as a serious positive or maybe not, depending on your perspective.

The base model's sights are white 3-dot, with a combat-style rear ramp. The sight dovetails are unique, so only P10 sights fit the P10 pistols, but the quasi-good news is the P10C shares magazines with the P-07 compact pistol.

The trigger is the classic tabbed striker pistol style but has a much shallower curve, making it feel almost flat.

Those are the things you get with all models...but there are several you could look at.

CZ P10 C Models

CZ P10C Tan

The P10C is available in a few different configurations and a few different finishes. All models are available in standard and reduced (10+1) capacity for magazine-restricted states.

The CZ P10 C Optics Ready has a milled slide for mounting an optic. The sights are taller, but aren't true co-witness height. The pistol isn't milled for a particular footprint, so an adapter plate will have to be used to mount your optic.

If a "tactical" model is your preference, there is also the CZ P10 C Suppressor-Ready which includes an extended threaded barrel, with ½"x28 thread. Suppressor-height (which are co-witness height) sights and extended magazines (a 17+1 P10 F magazine with a magazine sleeve) are included.

Oh, and a CZ P10 "Roland Special" is totally a thing (PressCzech Special, maybe?) if that's what you had in mind. Unfortunately, you'll have to get the slide milled or find an optics-ready slide if that's where you want to go with that.

Alternate colors include FDE (standard model only) and Urban Grey, which is only available on the Suppressor-Ready Model.

Along with the CZ P10 C (for Compact) there is also the P10 F (full size) the P10 S (double-stack subcompact) and the P10 M (ostensibly micro) a single-stack subcompact variant.

CZ P10 C Review

CZ P10C at the range

The notion of a "Glock killer" is that there's a polymer-framed striker pistol that has the same operating system of a Glock but that has a number of out-of-the-box improvements that make it seem silly to get a boring 'ol G19 or whatever.

None of the "Glock killer" pistols have remotely supplanted the Glock brand, but darned if the CZ P10 C doesn't fit that description to a tee. Out of the box, the P10 C has fewer weaknesses.

So what's so great about it?

First, the excellent ergonomics that CZ pistols are known for are still there. The gun is pleasant to hold, and the generous shelf of the rear of the frame and trigger guard undercut puts your hand high on the gun.

The controls are ambi-friendly, with slide stops/releases (whatever, shut up internet) on both sides of the frame and a swappable magazine release button. The takedown controls are a Glock-style frame bar, so you pull down with both sides. While that's becoming more common, it's still a benefit.

The cocking serrations are aggressive but not abrasive, so it's easy to run the slide.

The trigger is one of the best factory striker triggers you can get.

Take-up is shorter than Glock, S&W or Sig Sauer pistols and the wall is more defined, with a short reset. If anyone wants to argue it's not quite the same class as Walther/VP9 pistols...okay, whatever, but it's as close as it gets to that if not that. We think it's in the same class.

An outstanding trigger, near best-in-class ergonomics...the P10 C is born to run, so to speak, and if you shoot one you will get that right away.

Are there any downsides?

CZ doesn't offer the gun with fiber optic or night sights; you have to upgrade them yourself and that's annoying. Then again, that's par for the course with most factory guns these days...and that's annoying.

The texturing is a little rougher than some might like. When you're shooting, you don't notice it, but it can feel a little rough when you're carrying it. That's really about it. Then again, one of the most common mods to other striker guns is adding hockey tape or stippling for more maybe it's not such a bad thing.

The CZ P10 C is a sleeper among the polymer striker pistols. It is a shooter's pistol to be sure, and makes an excellent carry gun, competition gun, and almost certainly a good duty gun if approved by your department. It's quietly one of the best available right now. 

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