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A Quick Guide To The Grip Tuck Holster

So far, people have loved our Grip Tuck Universal Holster but there seems to be some confusion as to just what size to order. We've had some early returns, mostly due to people ordering the wrong size of holster for their pistol.

It's not entirely their fault, mind you; it's not always easy to gauge these things from your phone, laptop or desktop.

What size of Grip Tuck holster should YOU order for your gun? Great question! Let's actually talk about that.

Handgun Frame Size And The Grip Tuck

grip tuck

So, our Grip Tuck is a "universal holster," and it's made in various sizes to accommodate a rough handgun frame size.

Pistols can be classified by various attributes, but when it comes to the actual size of the gun, the industry nomenclature follows frame size+barrel length. In the broad strokes, the size of the frame combined with the length of the barrel puts the pistol in a particular size category.

In addition, the industry also includes the magazine design. You have single-stack (one vertical column of bullets) and double-stack, which is a staggered double-stack of bullets, with each round resting part of the way on the next one down.

For instance, a Beretta 92FS is a full-size double-stack pistol, and no the "FS" doesn't stand for "full-size." (It means "Forged Slide," in case you're curious.) The Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380, meanwhile, is classified as a micro pistol.

Some guns don't entirely fit in one class but not entirely in another. A good example is Commander-frame 1911 pistols. Some people refer to them as a compact, but they aren't really; the barrel is usually 4.25 inches long and the grip is a full 5.5 inches tall. It's smaller than the classic Government frame 1911, which has a 5-inch barrel, but since a Commander is almost the same size as a Glock 17, you can't REALLY call it a compact, now can you?

Now, as it happens, the Grip Tuck Universal Holster is also sized by frame size and barrel length.

Grip Tuck Universal Holster Sizes

grip tuck universal holster

So, what sizes ARE the Grip Tuck Universal Holster models made in?

We have:

  • Micro: These are short-barrel pistols with a barrel length of less than 3 inches. Your .380 pocket guns like a Sig P238, Springfield 911, Kimber Micro, Bodyguard 380 and so on.
  • Subcompact Single-Stack: small guns, with a 3- to 3.5-inch barrel, with only a single row of bullets in the magazines. This is basically all of the really popular, really small 9mm pistols. The Smith and Wesson M&P Shield, Shield M2.0, Glock 43, Walther PPS and PPS M2, Sig P365*, Sig P938, Springfield XD-S and XD-S Mod 2 and so on.
  • Subcompact Double-Stack: the same thing just for guns of this frame size that have a double-stack magazine. Guns like the Glock 26, Springfield XD Mod 2 Subcompact, Walther PPQSC, Glock 43X, H&K VP9SK and first generation Smith and Wesson M&P Compacts, because those pistols have a 3.5-inch barrel.
  • Compact Single-Stack: these are pistols with a single-stack magazine with a barrel length no longer than 4 inches, but typically longer than 3.5 inches. Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 380 EZ, Glock 48,some Kahr pistols, and so on.
  • Compact Double-Stack. Any compact pistol with a barrel length of 3.5 to 4 inches in length. This is a lot of the really popular striker guns. S&W M&P9C, M&P40C, Walther PPQ, Beretta PX4 Storm Compact, Glock 19 and Glock 19X. This is most of the uber-popular striker pistols. If the barrel is 4 inches or less, this is the Grip Tuck for you.
  • Full Size: any barrel length of 4 to 4.5 inches. Glock 17, H&K VP9, Smith and Wesson M&P pistols, basically most full-size guns with that barrel length. Single- or double-stack, except 1911 pistols.
  • Extra Full-Size: Extended-barrel pistols, barrel length up to 5.25 inches and except 1911 pistols.
  • 1911 Sub-Compact: Officer-frames with a barrel up to 3.5 inches long. Please note that micro-1911 pistols - your Sig, Kimber, Colt and Springfield micro 1911 pistols - will fit the micro or subcompact single-stack Grip Tuck holsters, as they have a smaller frame. This is for actual Officer-frame pistols.
  • 1911 Compact 4-inch barrels: Officer, CCO and Commander-frame pistols with barrels that are 3.5 to 4 inches long. Rock Island Armory, Springfield Armory, Citadel and many more. However, traditional Commander- and CCO-frame pistols will NOT fit, which leads us to:
  • 1911 Compact 4.25-inch barrel: this Grip Tuck size is for your Commander and CCO pistols (Commander slide and barrel on Officer frame) with the traditional 4.25-inch barrel. Colt, Dan Wesson, Springfield Armory, Rock Island, Sig Sauer and many, many more.
  • 1911 Full Size: any 1911 with a 4.5- to 5-inch barrel.

You can also indicate whether your pistol is or isn't equipped with a laser.

Please note, too, that when you go to select what size that you indicate whether you need a 1911 Grip Tuck or the Universal Grip Tuck. If you don't have a 1911, then select the Universal model.

Which Size Of Grip Tuck Holster Should You Get?

tuck holster

As you can see from the sizes above, the Grip Tuck holster is made for almost every frame size of pistol is accommodated by the Grip Tuck Universal Holster.

Most people are going to find that the Subcompact Single Stack, Subcompact Double Stack and Compact Double Stack fit their gun. As you can tell from the list, those are some of the most popular pistols on the market, and the ones that we sell the most holsters for. M&P Shield? Don't order the micro; order the Subcompact. Glock 19? The Compact will fit, but so will the Full Size. 1911? Order a 1911 Grip Tuck.

Remember, too, that in case you get the wrong size, that we offer a 30-Day Test Drive trial period. If your Grip Tuck holster doesn't fit, please contact us! Our customer service representatives will be happy to arrange for a replacement!


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