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Which Alien Gear Holsters Mag Carrier Should I Get?

You might notice that we have more than one mag carrier design, in that there is the Cloak Mag Carrier and our Grip Tuck Mag Carrier available. Which should you get?

Well, it sort of depends on the application that you have in mind. Both work, to be sure! However, each one kind of has a more obvious application intended. Just like a concealed carry holster, it's a tool and you want to pick the right tool for the intended task.

Which should you get? Let's talk about what each one is good for.

Grip Tuck Mag Carrier: Perfect For Concealed Carry In The Waistband Or Pocket

grip tuck mag carrier

So, what is the intended use for the Grip Tuck Mag Carrier?

It's mostly for concealed carry uses. It's built to be easily carried and easily concealed. It's all rather obvious, isn't it?

The Grip Tuck holster as well as the magazine carrier are constructed with dense closed-cell neoprene, a durable fabric that's as puncture resistant as can be made. It's stiff, but pliable. We then stitch on a surface layer of grippy fabric, and install a liner of TPE to protect the magazine, just as the Grip Tuck holster protects the pistol. This way, nothing can pinch, poke or otherwise mar the magazine when inserted into the carrier.

It can obviously be carried in a pocket, or tucked inside the waistband by using the belt clip that's included with the mag carrier. It's our standard IWB belt clip, so it's obviously intended for IWB use. You can remove the clip if so desired, as some people do like to carry their spare magazine in the front or back pants pocket on the weak side.

You could turn the carrier around and slide the clip over the belt and use it outside the waistband if you wanted, but most people who own a Grip Tuck magazine holster just don't.

In short, the Grip Tuck Mag Carrier is pretty clearly intended for IWB or other concealed carry use. The material is soft, so it's comfortable, but rigid enough to be secure. If you tuck your mag carrier in the waistband, or carry it in the pocket, the Grip Tuck Mag Carrier is kind of a slam dunk.


Cloak Tuck Mag Carriers Do It All...For Most People

cloak tuck mag carrier

On the other hand, the Cloak Tuck Mag Carrier starts with a rigid polymer magazine bucket, which can be adapted for IWB or OWB use as you desire. It's a bit more of a jack of all trades rather than a single-purpose tool, and - like most jacks of all trades - some people find that there's one job it does a bit better than others.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

So, the Cloak Tuck Mag Carrier comes with both IWB and OWB attachments so you can carry either way. A clip-on IWB holster base is included with the mag carrier, along with a slim IWB belt clip, as well as a larger clip for OWB use. You slip the holster with the base pad inside the waistband for IWB use, or install the larger clip and turn the mag carrier around for OWB use so the clip is still over the belt.

So, it does both! That must mean it's better, right?

Well...for you it might be.

We take pains to design products that work well, and we test them to make sure. We don't offer them for sale until we're confident that other people are going to think so, too.

What we've found with the Cloak Tuck Mag Carriers is that some people find them a bit uncomfortable when worn inside the waistband. Look, there's just no getting around the fact that it's a rigid plastic mag bucket inside your pants, and unless it finds the exact spot on your body where that isn't such a big deal...you might not like it.

While plenty of our customers have no problem carrying their Cloak Tuck Mag Carrier in the waistband, some people find they have to carry it OWB. What seems to be the done thing is they cant it to horizontal and drape their shirt or cover garment over it.

So, it definitely works well for both applications, but some people find that IWB carry with this mag carrier is not to their liking. However, if you wanted an all-purpose magazine carrier, it's perfect.


Of Course…You Could Get BOTH Mag Carriers

mag carriers

Variety, of course, is the spice of life so there's no real reason to only choose one of these mag carriers; you could actually get both.

Plenty of people have a set of street gear and range or competition gear, and that's exactly the approach you could take. Most people generally carry only one spare magazine with them, though some folks carry two or more, but your garden variety civilian carrier has only the one reload.

However, a lot of folks like to have more than one magazine on them while they're at the range. On range days, I like to have as many as possible on me to stave off trips to my range bag to reload.

That goes double for competition shooting.

Plenty of people have gear for both applications. Holsters, magazine carriers and other gear are tools, so why not have the right tools for the task?


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