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The Grip Tuck Universal Holster: Good For Several Purposes

The Grip Tuck Universal Holster is a bit different than our other holsters in that it doesn't have the hard retention shell that you're used to. Why is that? What is this holster for?!

Don't worry; we're going to tell you all about the Grip Tuck Universal Holster. It's a product made with some definite purposes in mind, though with some things you should be aware of.

Let's talk about what you can do with this holster…

What IS The Grip Tuck Universal Holster?

Grip Tuck Universal Holster

The Grip Tuck Universal Holster is more or less just what the name says: a universal holster. It can fit many different kinds of pistol, and be used in multiple ways.

Unlike, say, the Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster, which has a retention shell molded for a precise make and model of firearm, the Grip Tuck is made to fit any firearm in a particular size class.

You'll notice it's offered in several sizes, from Micro to Compact single and double stack, to Full Size and Extra Full Size, all based on barrel length and frame width due to the magazine.

This way, you could carry a rotation of guns of the same size with just one holster.

How Is This Universal Holster Made?

Grip Tuck

We make the Grip Tuck Universal Holster by sandwiching several layers of material and then stitching them together. This creates a pouch, of sorts, that will effectively hold any gun of the appropriate size.

The middle layer is 2mm high-density neoprene. While it's not hard, per se, it is dense, which makes it strong and gives the holster a bit of rigidity. The inner layer is TPE, thermoplastic elastomer. This hard but pliable material on the interior of the holster provides a puncture-resistant layer that keeps your trigger guard fully covered and protected at all times, a feature that many similar holsters lack.

The outer layer is a high-drag material that's "sticky" to the touch. It has a rough texture, so that if you were to wear it as - say - an IWB holster, the grippy texture will help hold it in place.

You'll also notice the fully bound edges, which makes it comfortable to carry with, as well as the included belt clip. This holster comes with a lower-profile version of our toolless belt clips. On the outer surface of the holster, it has three of our belt clip holes, so you can adjust the ride height to your desired position.

That's the Grip Tuck in a nutshell.

What Could I Use The Grip Tuck Universal Holster For?

Grip Tuck universal holster

That's great and all, but what am I going to use this universal holster FOR, anyway?

A lot of different things, actually.

For one, you could use it as an IWB holster. It has a belt clip, and was designed with this purpose as an intended use. You can slip it into the waistband, slide the clip over your belt and head out the door.

It can also be used as a protective sleeve for storage, in case you wanted to protect your pistol when you place it in a safe or other safe storage device.

You could also utilize it as a pocket holster, as the soft fabric and protective layer of TPE makes it uniquely well-suited to this application, more so than many other soft pocket holsters.

However, there are a few caveats to be aware of.

You know that this holster doesn't have the hard molded retention shell found on all of our other holsters. This means that the fitment isn't as precise. This also means that using the holster will not be the same.

For instance, you can draw from the Grip Tuck, but you won't be able to reholster your pistol. You will need to take your holster out of the waistband, reholster the pistol, and then re-insert the gun into the waistband. This will make training...a little weird.

Compared to our other holsters, you might notice a little less stability, a little less counterforce on the draw. Having two belt hooks and a wide base does create a more stable platform to draw from and reholster, after all.

Retention will not be adjustable. Not that it isn't safe to carry with - we extensively test all holsters for function, and rest assured the Grip Tuck is safe to carry with - but you can't tighten or loosen the holster at all.

Care is easy, as all you need do is hand-wash the holster and let it air dry. In extreme cases, you can wash on the delicate cycle and dry on the lowest-heat setting of your drier, but hand washing is preferred.

So, you trade a bit of the functional range of other IWB holsters, that's true.

However, you still get a secure, comfortable carry...and that's what Alien Gear Holsters is all about.


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