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5 Tips For Carrying A Concealed Weapon In Hot Weather

How to concealed carry in summer? By addressing the issues presented by concealed carry during summertime.

Inclement weather can make concealed carry a bit more of a chore than it is during other periods. Among the worst is summertime. Concealment is a little more tenuous, given that you'll be wearing fewer layers. Carrying is going to be a little more uncomfortable, given the heat.

Here are 5 solid tips on how to beat the heat while packing some.

Try A Smaller Concealed Carry Gun

summer ccw

This is a very popular tip on how to concealed carry in the summer. A lot of people rotate carry guns, finding there is one that carries very well at some times but not so much in others.

For instance, winter is a good time to carry that favorite full-size of yours. Go ahead, wear that Beretta 92 or 1911 in a high-ride OWB with a flannel shirt over it. The layering will cover it up. Come June? You may need to switch things up.

Summertime is a great time to slim down to that M&P Shield, Sig P938 or snubbie revolver. The smaller gun will conceal easily and also mean a lot less being worn on or about the belt. This makes fewer demands in terms of concealment (smaller pistols can often be covered with a t-shirt) and will mean less overall hassle.

Heck, you can even CCW in shorts if you have a good belt.

Have Concealed Carry Clothing That Helps

ccw summertime clothes

You'll also want to make sure that concealed carry clothing is well-suited to carry during the warm weather. There are certain strategies for dress, certain materials and so on that are well-suited to the warm weather. Believe it or not, you can still dress quite stylishly if so desired.

As to shirts, make sure that you switch to a lighter, cooler fabric and especially if wearing an undershirt. The good news is many short-sleeved button-ups are made with this in mind, but you should still have a few good CCW shirts in the wardrobe.

For instance, linen, seersucker and certain synthetics (such as some polyester/cotton blends) are very good choices indeed. Fabrics such as wool, fleece and so on are not. However, make sure to select darker colors as opposed to light. You might be tempted to wear that white linen shirt, but you can end up paying for it in printing.

Opt for a tone that isn't too bright but isn't necessarily too dark if you like color. Then again, black goes with everything.

Also, opt for loose rather than slim fits. Granted, that's a given when it comes to concealed carry but during hot weather, the extra air circulates and gives you a bit of ventilation. Avoid tucking your shirt in if at all possible; a nice, clean polo or flat-hemmed button-up look perfectly fine untucked and can conceal very well.

Cargo Shorts Work Great If You Can Get Away With It

ccw summer clothing

If it's possible to wear shorts, cargo shorts are where it's at for summertime concealed carry. Yes, it's another clothing tip but this class of garment has several distinct advantages that bear mentioning them specifically.

First is the cargo pockets. If you're going to carry spare ammunition or any other EDC gear such as a flashlight, a tourniquet, a pocket knife, etc., there are a couple of handy pockets with which to do it. They free up space on the belt, which is very nice.

Not that a mag carrier is necessarily the biggest imposition.

Second is that slim-fit cargo shorts aren't really a thing. Cargo shorts are almost always loose fit, so you get the benefit of that during the hot weather and also a bit of wiggle room when it comes to tucking in that IWB holster.

Just make sure to make an appropriate selection for you and your lifestyle. There are plenty out there that are dressy enough for the office.

Make The Right Choice Of Concealed Carry Holster

summer ccw

For concealed carry in the summertime, the right choice of holster makes a world of difference in terms of comfort.

Leather and hard kydex or other polymers won't feel good against the skin, as they get hot or can get slicked with moisture and sweat. Other holster designs can require additional layers to effectively conceal and you may not be willing to do that.

Therefore, you need a holster made out of materials that work well in these conditions.

A backing layer of a breathable material that either wicks moisture or repels it would be ideal, as this keeps your skin from getting waterlogged and keeps you comfortable while carrying. Any sort of airflow while carrying is definitely a bonus. If only some enterprising company devised a holster with a fan…

Point being, you should be able to wear the holster against the skin if needs be, as you may need to have as few layers as possible.

Have Safe Storage Available If Needs Be

ccw summer storage

Another top tip for how to concealed carry in summer? Have safe storage available if need be. You never know when it will be time to head to the lake or somewhere out with friends or loved ones. Point being that warmer weather means you are more likely to be socializing and you may find yourself in a situation when you need to disarm.

It behooves you, therefore, to have some sort of storage medium at hand whenever possible.

In your vehicle is a good place to start. There are gun safes for the car that can be purchased; look for the ones with some sort of tether or anchor as these are more theft-proof than others. A holster dock in a discreet location is also a very good idea.

Again, you may find yourself in a situation where disarming is called for. It's up to you; some people either want to be armed at all times or stay home. Others are willing to take off their piece every now and again for the sake of enjoying life. It's all up to you.

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