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how to tell if somebody has a gun

How to Spot Someone Carrying a Concealed Handgun

Police and law enforcement are trained to spot someone carrying a concealed handgun. In most cases, it's not a big deal. Police usually are just trying to stay aware of their situation – something concealed carriers also need to do. In this article, we'll outline a few of the ways that concealed carry handguns can “show” or “spot” themselves just through our regular routines.

Sweater and Jacket Zipper Line

Whenever you zip up your jacket or a sweater, note the relative straightness of that zipper line. If you note it bends and points towards your concealed carry handgun, that's a hint you're carrying. Most people won't notice but someone trained to pick up on these things will definitely be watching.

Clothes Don't Match The Season

Being a concealed carrier doesn't automatically make us fashion experts. In most cases, far from it. But it is good to maintain a rough idea of the type of clothing everyone else is wearing to ensure we don't stick out. Wearing heavy woolen sweaters and jackets in the dead of summer definitely makes a person stick out like a sore thumb.

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People who Carry Walk Differently

tell if somebody is concealed carrying
    The way a person walks reveals a lot about him or her. There's a number of “give-aways” to a person wearing a concealed carry handgun in just the way they walk.
  • Rigid upper body movements
  • One hip stays put while the other extends the gait
  • One arm doesn't swing like the other

Concealed carriers tend to reduce the length of their walk. This is a natural reaction to not wanting to extend out too far on the side where the holster is situated so that the gun may show or protrude. They also tend to reflexively brace their arm towards the gun to ensure it doesn't slip out or fall out.

Running – The Biggest Give-Away

When crossing a busy street or just getting out of the rain, a concealed carrier will always tend to brace the side his gun is situated on. So if you see someone running to catch the cross-walk sign and he's got an arm braced against his body tightly, that's a dead giveaway he's carrying something he doesn't want to drop.

Pocket Carry Without A Pocket Holster

gun showing in pocket

For those that just like to throw an old snub-nose in the front jacket or the pants pocket before stepping out the door, be careful you're not subconsciously repositioning it constantly due to the pistol grip sliding out towards the pocket opening. The trigger guard is also not covered which is the biggest cause to accidental firearm discharges.

How is this prevented? By getting a quality pocket holster. Pocket carry can be as concealable and as safe as carry anywhere else if carrying with a pocket holster.

There's A Solution To All Of These – Equip The Right Holster!

The right concealed carry gun holster will give you the peace of mind necessary to walk and act normal while in public. Choose a concealed carry holster that uses a rigid plastic shell to maintain strict retention over the gun. That way, you don't need to worry about it slipping out just because you're racing to catch the train or bus.

For warm weather situations, choose an IWB holster that allows you to change those plastic shells so you can switch to a smaller compact that suits the mood better.

And lastly, choose a concealed carry handgun holster that's comfortable to wear day or night. A comfortable IWB with great retention, interchangeable shells, and doesn't adjust unless you tell it to, has all the ingredients of helping you stay hidden in the crowd.

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