Your Guide To The Cloak Mod Holster

Here at Alien Gear Holsters, we carry a number of outside of the waistband holsters including the ShapeShift Paddle and Belt Slide holsters, the Cloak Belt and Cloak Slide holsters, and the holster that we're covering today, the Cloak Mod. 

The Cloak Mod is a durable, open-top holster that gives you a little bit of modularity so you can switch some things up how you like them. You can't make it an IWB holster for concealed carry, but it's a good choice of a dedicated OWB holster for open carry or range days that you can adjust a little bit. 

The Cloak Mod Paddle Holster

The Cloak Mod is our original paddle holster and it's unique because it allows you to buy the holster base and then swap out the shell if you want to use a different gun.

It does that by using a flexible inner layer that forms the opposite side of the gun, while the top face of the gun is protected by a rigid shell.

Paddle holsters are called paddle holsters because of the belt attachment, which has a paddle shape.

In most cases, a paddle holster will stay in place seated on your belt with the help of a ledge on the paddle to put the paddle holster on.

To put it on, flex the paddle and work it behind the belt until it's seated in place.

Now remember: the paddle holster is going to go on relatively easily, but it purposefully won't come off easily unless you use two hands.

Press back the paddle and twist the holster. This prevents the holster from falling off, say if you fall on the ground or in worst-case scenarios it will prevent someone from taking the holster off of you.

Modular Design Lets The Cloak Mod Become A Belt Slide OWB Holster

One of the other cool things about the Cloak Mod is that we include an optional belt slide that can be attached by swapping out the paddle.

The belt slide doesn't quickly detach. Instead, you thread your belt through the belt loops in the belt slide.

Unless you're wearing a jacket, the Cloak Mod is not a great holster for concealed carry but if you want to open carry or you're going to be out in the woods or you want to do a range day this is a great holster option. If you want an OWB holster for concealed carry, have a look at our Cloak Belt Holster or ShapeShift Belt Slide holster

Speaking of going to the range, you need to remember that with this and any holster you need to rely on instincts and muscle memory to get your clothes out of the way and access your gun without thinking about it.

Remember, high-level thought processes don't work well in high-stress situations so train often.

Another great thing about the Cloak Mod is that the holster shell switches in between the other holsters in the Cloak series incredibly efficiently.

So if you have it set up in this configuration on the Cloak Mod but you're going on a backpacking trip, you can switch it to the Cloak Chest Holster incredibly fast.

Then, just as easily, you can switch it to an inside the waistband holster like the Cloak Tuck 3.5.