A Quick Guide To Paddle Holsters

What's the difference between the paddle holsters that Alien Gear sells? Why are they even called paddle holsters?

We're going to explain.

What Is A Paddle Holster?

This kind of holster is called a paddle holster because of how it attaches to your belt. It's the bracket on the side of the holster that gives it its name, and it's used to flex and attach your holster to your belt. It's a type of OWB holster or outside-the-waistband holster that has traditionally been popular with detectives, attorneys and other people who carry a gun but need to be able to take it on and off.

Usually a paddle holster will stay in place seated on the belt with the help of a ledge like what you see here. The paddle holster itself can be worn just behind the belt or even behind the pants if your paddle holster's ledge can get enough grip, which is why ours was made to be this deep.

Types Of Paddle Holster

We have two types of paddle holsters at Alien Gear: the Cloak Mod and the ShapeShift Paddle Holster.

The cloak mod is our original paddle holster, and unique like no other because it allows you to buy the holster base and swap out the shell if you buy a different gun. It does that by using this flexible inner layer that forms to the opposite side of the gun, while the top half of the gun is protected by a rigid shell.

Next, we have the ShapeShift Paddle Holster, which is injection molded to fully enclose your firearm. It uses our proprietary quick retention system and includes an optional thumb break. It rotates and removes quickly with our quick-detach button, and shifts between all of the other ShapeShift holsters.

One of the cool things about both of these holsters is that they include an optional belt slide that you can use by swapping out the paddle. The belt slide doesn't quickly detach; instead, it even more securely gets woven through your belt loops.

Wearing A Paddle Holster

To put on a paddle holster, flex the paddle and work it behind your belt until it seats into place. It may go on easily but it doesn't come off easily unless you use two hands.

Press back the paddle and twist the holster. This prevents someone from being able to take it from you unless you have a jacket on.

This holster won't work great for concealed carry but it makes a great holster for the range or to open carry with. It also shifts to other ShapeShift holsters extremely quickly, which is very convenient because this holster doesn't sit close to your body.

Your body size shouldn't affect how this holster works or how comfortable it is, so if you're a bigger guy it's a safe choice.