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The Newest Car Holster In The ShapeShift Modular Holster System

A car holster can be a useful tool for everyday life.

Many holster mounts (Alien Gear's included) require some sort of installation — primarily drilling a mount beside steering columns, within glove boxes or into center consoles.

What if that wasn't necessary?

The ninth addition to the ShapeShift Modular Holster System provides a way to comfortably holster a weapon between the legs in a car or truck without any structural changes to the vehicle.

What Is The ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster?

shapeshift driver defense holster

The ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster provides a line of defense on the road by strapping a Shape Shift Shell to the front of a car seat.

Lethal threats may often appear on roadways and parking lots. Open or concealed carriers travel in vehicles every day, many preferring to remain armed while behind the wheel.

This isn't always a comfortable option.

The newest addition to Alien Gear's modular holster system provides a way to transition a full Shape Shift Shell configuration from the beltline to a holster mount secured to the front of a car/truck seat.

Two six-foot-long nylon straps are wrapped over the lower seat cushion, beneath the back rest, underneath the seat and are cinched at the front with a pair of polymer clips.

The one-inch-wide straps are threaded through a polymer adapter that sits at the front of the seat, between the legs. That adapter measures 7.25" x 1.75".

Much like the ShapeShift paddle clip and holster mount, the adapter on the ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster secures the spindle attachment on the full shell configuration with a single button.

It has a full 360 degree rotational cant and custom retention. To adjust that retention, take one of the twist locks and dial in the passive retention unit on the shell.

The holster rests between the knees, but can be lowered or raised depending on personal preference and the respective car seat.

It's a simple concept, really, but why did we take the time to develop it into a product?

Who The ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster Is For And Why It Exists

car seat holster
It's no secret. Alien Gear is releasing products in rapid succession after a long span of prototype development.

The ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster is part of a system. The ShapeShift Modular Holster System was made (in USA) to carry handguns in every conceivable way, customized in every possible way.

"Adapt to Every Environment" isn't just a nice little tagline on packaging. The point of the system is to introduce a way to carry handguns in each and every environment possible across as many lifestyles as possible.

That means developing a way to carry in cars, in homes, on belts, on backpacks, in the outdoors and, well, you get the idea.

This specific holster serves a precise group: those who want to openly carry a weapon with full trigger guard coverage in a vehicle in an immediately accessible location.

To add to that, the holster was designed to eliminate any screws or hardware that would mark or otherwise alter any of the surfaces within the vehicle.

Do you have a nice car that you don't want marked in its interior? Looking to resell a used car without any drilled holes in its interior? Still need to carry a handgun while traveling, but would prefer it off the waistline yet immediately accessible?

Look no more.

Try it out for 30 days. If you'd like to go back to your old carry style, we'll buy back your ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster with no questions asked.

Editor's note: Please review any state or local laws related to traveling with firearms. Refer to those prior to using this holster system.

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