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The Best Kahr Concealed Carry Pistols

Though it isn't perhaps one of the biggest names, a good number of people wonder what Kahr concealed carry pistols might be. These days, slim, single-stack, hammerless pistols are all the rage, and these pistols fit that to a T.

They're also polymer-framed and lack a manual safety, meaning Kahr is a brand that fits what many concealed carriers are looking for. Here are some of the best you can buy to carry concealed.

Kahr CW9

kahr cw9 handgun
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Single-stack, hammerless compact pistols chambered in 9mm retailing for reasonable prices are the most popular CCW guns, which describes the Kahr CW9 almost perfectly. It's a polymer-framed, single-stack compact 9

Kahr tends to make their guns in premium and economy models. In most regards, the CW9 is more or less the same as the P9, as both have nearly the same dimensions. Overall length is about 6 inches, height is 4.5 inches, and width is just under an inch. Magazine capacity is 7 rounds, in either case. However, the P9's front sight is adjustable (the CW9's is not) and the P9 barrel (both are 3.6 inches) uses polygonal rifling, compared to the conventional rifling of the CW9. Both weigh about one pound unloaded.

However, the CW9 - you can find them for about $400 or less - is about $300 less than the P9.

Bear in mind, though, that Kahr pistols aren't certain other polymer hammerless guns one could mention. (It rhymes with "Gmock.") They are trigger-cocking double-action only, so trigger pull is a bit stiff; many reviews peg them around 7 pounds, with a very long reset. While this means riding a hair trigger for multiple shots isn't going to be possible (without modification, at least) some see this as a benefit for daily carrying, as it can prevent negligent discharges.



Kahr CM9
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The CM9 is the subcompact version of the CW9, and just like its slightly larger sibling, is a budget model of a larger pistol. (The more premium model is the PM9.) MSRP is just under $500, but you can expect to pay about $400 or less in-store.

Some specifications are the same as the CW9 - polymer frame, traditional rifling, trigger-cocking DAO with long reset, width of less than an inch and very light weight - but the CM9 is smaller. Barrel length is 3 inches, which brings the length just under 5.5 inches. Magazine capacity is reduced to 6 rounds, and the height to 4 inches - small enough for a pocket, if one wanted to carry in a pocket holster.

It isn't always easy to find a subcompact 9mm...but Kahr makes one that you should certainly have a look at.


Kahr CT380

ct380 pistol for concealed carry
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If you've ever wanted to find a .380 in a non-micro size, the Kahr CT380 is one of the pistols that fills the bill and is not a PPK.

The CT380 fits between the CW9's size and their subcompact .380 pistols. Barrel length is 3 inches, with an overall length of just over 5.5 inches and height of 4.4 inches. The width is three-quarters of an inch, so it fits somewhere between a subcompact and a compact.

Magazine capacity is 7 rounds, and you can easily expect to pay less than $400 in-store.

But the .380 is a smaller, slower round, you say. Why would I get one? That may be true, but Kahr pistols are designed to run +P ammunition, though the company does caution that it can increase service frequency.

Kahr CW380

kahr cw380 pistol
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Some people really want a mousegun, and that's where the Kahr CW380 comes in. The CW380 shortens the CT380's barrel to just 2.58 inches, overall length to less than 5 inches, and magazine capacity to 6 rounds. That also brings the overall height to 3.9 inches, making the CW380 the mighty mouse of the South Korean gun maker's lineup.

Those looking for a simple micro gun will find none simpler.

Kahr CW40

Kahr CW40
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Take everything that's good about the CW9 but add the .40 S&W round - that's the CW40. Since the .40 S&W was designed to be used in 9mm frame pistols from the inception of the round, many .40 pistols are just like a 9mm pistol but have a different barrel. This is much the same; the only difference is a 6 round capacity.


CW45 and CM45

Kahr CW45
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Some people would rather pack serious firepower in a small package, for which Kahr makes the CW45. Unlike certain other polymer-frame striker gun companies that we won't mention (rhymes with "Block") Kahr makes a true compact .45, as the CW45 is close to the same dimensions as many Officer-frame 1911 pistols, but with no hammer to cock before firing.

The CW45 is slightly larger than the CW9, as it's slightly longer, wider and longer - but then again, it has to be in order to accommodate the .45 ACP round. The difference is not enormous, however; just .04 inches of additional barrel is added. Overall length is 6.32 inches, overall height is 4.8 inches and width is 1.01 inches. Magazine capacity is 6 rounds, plus one in the chamber if one desires.

The CW45 fits a "Goldilocks zone" for concealable .45 ACP pistols, as they are typically too large to carry comfortable, too small to shoot well or a 1911 - which some people do not prefer due to various reasons.


Still sound too big? You can opt for the CM45, which shaves just under half an inch off the barrel, grip and omits one round of carrying capacity.


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