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how to lose a ccw permit

Reasons Why Your Concealed Carry Permit Could Be Revoked

The majority of states are "shall permit" given the applicant meets all criteria. Nestled within those laws, though, are also the conditions under which a concealed carrier may lose his or her license.

In the past year, Governor Rick Perry came under indictment for felony charges. It's unimportant what those charges were because the indictment was enough to have him stripped of his concealed handgun license, according to Texas law.

Each state has its conditions for the rescinding or revocation of a concealed carry permit. Once revoked, it's a long, expensive fight to ever get it back.

Examples Of These Conditions

  • Any sort of indictment for the commission of a crime over minor traffic offenses
  • Indictment or charge for Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)
  • Misdemeanor domestic assault or violence
  • Court rulings of mentally incompetent or declared ward of the state
  • Renouncing U.S. citizenship
  • Having a restraining order placed against you
  • Living in the same home as a convicted felon
  • Bank fraud and abuse

Each state has their own conditions listed out but, as you can see, there's a lot of options to choose from. The second the issuing authority picks up on a pending charge or indictment against you, it's almost common-place for them to rescind that permit. And constitutional carry states are not immune, either.

For instance, in Maine's new constitutional carry laws, coming under indictment or charge of misdemeanor domestic assault or even having a restraining order placed against you is enough to make it illegal to carry your firearm with you outside the home or business.

If any of those things apply to the permit-holder, his best bet is to "lawyer up". Felony charges never go away unless they are expunged. Misdemeanors may have more wiggle room. The most vicious is the restraining order because the conditions needed to file a restraining order against someone are so abysmally low that it could be used as a political weapon.

An attorney versed in your state's firearms statutes will know more about what steps you will need to pursue in order to overturn any of those rulings.

reasons why a ccw permit can be revoked

Easy Ways To Avoid Getting Your CCW Permit Revoked

While there are things outside of our control, there are plenty of ways to avoid the conditions where a revocation may arise.

Know where you can and cannot legally carry.

The biggest dumb-dumb way to lose your concealed carry license is traveling across a state border with your concealed carry handgun on you. This happens all the time in New England and Pennsylvania. A guy crosses the border briefly while driving in backwoods Pennsylvania and winds up in Maryland or New Jersey or New York. None of them acknowledge Pennsylvania's concealed carry permit and that person will be charged with a crime. That person will lose his state's permit in the legal process and it's a long, expensive shot of him ever getting it back. If you need to brush up here is a quick list of restricted premises for concealed carry.

We also made a concealed carry map that you can interact with so you know which state you can carry in.

Know what the legal limit is when it comes to alcohol.

If your state doesn't allow you to drink and carry – don't. Seriously. Don't do it. For the states that do allow the consumption of alcohol while carrying, the legal limit is usually far below 0.08 BAC. Don't violate that. It's a quick way to permanently lose your license. And if you get caught behind the wheel, while under the influence and carrying concealed - that's a triple whammy.

Your actions carry consequences and if you want to maintain your concealed carry permit, you need to own up to the actions.

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