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Alien Gear Magazine Carriers: You Wanted Them and Now You Got Them

If there is one thing that our customers have been asking for over the past few years, it has been magazine carriers. Good things come to those who wait, as Alien Gear mag carriers have now entered the orbit of the concealed carry marketplace and are ready for you to take them to your magazines.

We aren't comfortable with status quo. We aren't satisfied with "good enough." Our mag holsters take the next step in evolution from the standard magazine carrier and you will notice the difference.

The Most Versatile Magazine Holster In The Galaxy

Alien Gear could have just made the same magazine holster that you can get from anyone else. A boring plastic bucket, with maybe a clip or backer for tucking into the waistband. A lot of people wanted a magazine holster to go with their Alien Gear gun holster, and it was the most commonly-requested new product by our customers and fans on social media.

We were definitely listening.

But we aren't okay with just getting something together and selling it. When Alien Gear releases a new product, it has to go where no one has gone before. A new holster has to be a fresh take on holster design. It has to be not only a refinement of previous designs, it has to revolutionize what a person would otherwise expect.

It took longer than some people would like...but you can't rush perfection.

When we started to design our mag carriers, we set out with the intention of creating mag carriers that were more versatile, customizable and better than any other concealed carry mag carrier that anyone has ever seen before, and that's exactly what we've done.

Wear As IWB Magazine Holder or OWB Magazine Holder

best iwb and owb mag carriers

The first design feature you'll notice is that our mag carriers can be worn as an IWB magazine holster or an OWB carrier. We designed these mag carriers with precisely this kind of modularity in mind, and hardware for every purpose of carrying is available for our mag carriers.

To wear as an IWB magazine holder, attach the neoprene backer and the IWB clip. You'll notice that the backer is the same blend of neoprene and Alien Skin as our Cloak Tuck 3.0, to make them as comfortable to carry as possible. You may also notice the IWB clip is very similar to our IWB holster belt clips, as they are the same glass-filled nylon clips, though they obviously attach differently.

For OWB carry, remove the backer and attach the wide OWB clip.

You can carry your spare magazine inside the waistband for concealed carry, or outside for open carry or range use.

Suddenly Single Or Double Your Carrying With Dual Mag Carriers

best dual mag holster

You'll also notice that you can order either single or dual mag carriers. Our dual carrier features a dual magazine bracket, which attaches to two magazine buckets. From there, attach two IWB backers and two IWB clips to conceal and carry two spare magazines.

For use as an OWB magazine holder, however, there is an entirely different attachment process.

Instead of attaching two wide OWB clips, we made our mag carriers compatible with the paddle and belt slide attachments of our Cloak Mod OWB holster. You simply attach the correct hardware of your choice, be it the paddle or belt slide attachment. Wear as normal.

You can also order a holster and mag carrier combo for additional savings!

No Other Concealed Magazine Holster Is As Adjustable

best adjustable concealed mag carrier

You'll notice that the gear-like attachment of our concealed magazine holster belt clips is much different than any other clip that you've ever seen. There's a reason for this. Just like with our award-winning concealed carry holsters, we built more adjustability into our mag carriers than any other company.

The clips are adjustable in 22.5-degree increments. This allows you to set the cant to your desired specifications. You can wear your mag carrier with positive or negative cant as you see fit or, if desired, fully horizontal in either direction. If you want your magazine holster to stay hidden on the beltline, you can easily do that with a horizontally-oriented carry.

Adjustable Magazine Holster Retention

best retention magazine holder

There aren't too many pistol magazine holster designs out there that feature adjustable retention. Ours do. Every magazine bucket is adjustable, so you can set the retention level you desire - just like with our adjustable holster shells.

You'll also notice our magazine buckets fit better than any other mag carrier you've ever used before. We install an inverted V-shaped riser in the bottom. Why do that? Look at a magazine. Notice the top bullet sits an upwardly-tilted angle. When inserted into one of our carriers, the top round sits flatly against it for a perfectly secure fit. By cutting the angle both ways, you can insert your magazine facing forward or rearward. It doesn't matter - it fits the same regardless.

Revolutionary Mag Holder Design Comes With Iron-Clad Guarantee

best holster mag guarantee

Just as with our holsters, every mag holder comes with our Iron-Clad Guarantee. That includes a 30-day Test Drive and a Forever Warranty of the mag holders themselves. We will fix or replace any component that fails due to defect, for as long as you own it.

You aren't likely to find better magazine carriers anywhere else in this universe

Take advantage of our 30-day Test Drive

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