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New Springfield XDE Pistol Has Arrived

Springfield Armory, one of the most popular handgun makers on the market, has announced the new Springfield XD-E pistol series as a new addition to their lineup. The XD-E is a radical departure for Springfield Armory, as the XD-E is a hammer-fired, double/single action subcompact.

Alien Gear will also be one of the first holster companies to offer a holster for this pistol.

The XD-E isn't a full-size Wonder 9; it's a concealed carry pistol, and it is designed to excel at being placed in a concealed carry holster and being carried.

New XD-E Pistol Updates SA/DA For CCW

new springfield hammer fired xde

There's no question that the poly striker gun is the dominant pistol design of the day, but there are still a number of people that prefer a SA/DA gun for a number of reasons and that is exactly what the XD-E was designed for. Despite the march of time and an increasing number of poly striker guns on the market, the SA/DA firing mechanism remains popular.

Springfield's new pistol is a subcompact double-action chambered in 9mm, though it has the polymer frame and steel slide of the rest of the XD series - much unlike other compact double action autos - making it much lighter than some comparable pistols.

The XD-E should be familiar to owners of the XD-S, as the XD-E has very similar dimensions to the XD-S 3.3 as it shares the same barrel length. However, the addition of the hammer and a revised lower receiver and frame - the backstrap is slightly longer and the XD-E is slightly taller than the XD-S - give the XD-E slightly more in terms of height, length and width, but not much.

The XD-E is actually one of the best-suited double-action semi-autos for concealed carry, as it is a true subcompact but with the best features of both double-action guns and poly-striker pistols in one package.

XD-E Actually Has A Lot To Offer

new springfield 9mm pistol

There aren't too many subcompact double-action pistols, but the thing about the XD-E is that the sheer novelty alone isn't what stands out; it's that the XD-E offers a lot of value for the price point.

The manual safety is what makes or breaks DA/SA guns. Heretofore, there have been three dominant types: you can get a decocker, a decocking safety or a true manual safety. The decocking safety allows you to decock the pistol and choose whether to leave the safety on or off but won't allow Condition One carry. A manual safety lets you carry cocked and locked but you have to manually lower the hammer to carry in double-action mode which some people prefer not to do. A decocker doesn't allow the use of a safety.

The XD-E, however, has the best of both worlds as the safety mechanism is both a decocker and manual safety. Push down to decock the hammer, and up to engage the safety. This way, it can be carried cocked and locked or with the safety engaged in double-action mode.

The sights are the same as the XD-S, so they can be upgraded at will should the owner desire. Also, just as with the XD-S, the gun comes with two magazines - an 8-round flush-fit magazine with a pinky extension and a 9-round extended magazine. The grip also features Springfield's "Grip Zone" texturing, so anyone who likes it will certainly be in luck.

Switching to double-action also allows the use of lighter springs, reducing the requisite amount of force needed to work the slide by 27 percent.

A double-action gun completely optimized for concealed carry is awesome, but one with all these features and retails for an MSRP of $515? That's amazing.

Alien Gear Among The First To Offer An XD-E Holster

best springfield xde holster

Springfield Armory reached out to a select few holster companies to start making XD-E holster models and among them was Alien Gear Holsters. We will be among the first holster makers to offer not only one, but several holster models for this firearm.

As Alien Gear's shell molding system is able to create a custom mold for a pistol in a matter of days, we then can mate any retention shell to any backer that we produce. As a result, we are able to offer a custom-fit holster for the XD-E - or any other pistol - without the custom holster lead time, expense or break-in period.

If you're going to have a pistol that is clearly intended to excel at concealed carry, you may as well have a concealed carry holster to go with it.

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