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Alien Gear Holsters - Customer Questions Answered


Let’s get down to business. You want to know what happens behind the scenes at Alien Gear Holsters, and we’d like to fill you in. Ask us anything, and we’ll give you the dirt. As we’ve grown tremendously within the last few years, we have noticed some recurring questions asked by you to our customer service department.

We want to take the time and answer five of the most commonly asked questions that pertain to your Alien Gear concealed carry holster. Prepare to be dazzled by the geyser of knowledge that’s about to erupt:

How do I swap my gun holster shell?

concealed carry gun holster shell

Great question. To start, remove the gun holster shell you’d like to replace from the holster base (just be sure to keep the base, clips, and spare parts pack). Then just throw the shell you’d like to replace into an envelope with a note with your name, home address, phone number, and email. It may be wise to check aliengearholsters.com to confirm that we do in fact have the holster you’re looking for. Chances are we do.

Next step: shove it into a mailbox and wait like a kid on Christmas Eve. Simple as that. You may want to note that if you’re trying to trade a revolver shell for a semi-automatic shell, we recommend that you contact Alien Gear Holsters’ customer service for additional information.

How do I track my handgun holster order online?

alien gear concealed carry holsters ready to ship

If you’d like to track your order like a trained bloodhound, you’ll want to register for an account upon checkout on the Alien Gear Holsters website. Once you’ve made your way through the simple registration, you will then be prompted with a lead time at the end of the checkout process. This figure is an estimate of just how long it will take to receive your handcrafted holster. Once you’ve established an account with us, you will have the ability to log in and track your order on aliengearholsters.com.

An “Order Confirmed” status means we have received your order and payment. The next status, and one putting you closer to your sexy sidekick, is labeled as “Order in Production.” This means that your order has been printed and given to the production department to be made.

The last status should really get you excited. “Order Complete” means that your order has been completed by production, and has just been given a postage stamp with your name on it.

Why are your concealed carry holsters so inexpensive?

best gun holsters for the price

Let’s get the boss’s expertise with this one. Thomas Tedder, the man who was building holsters out of his backyard shed a few years ago, explains that it all comes down to cutting waste within the company.

We trim out all the unnecessary financial fluff in order to cut the cost of your holster. Secondly, we just don’t charge much for each holster; we’re taking a smaller cut.

Thomas believes that paying $100 for a holster is just too much, and we have a firm belief that concealed carry should be affordable to all.

Why is there such a long wait to get a pistol holster?

The simple answer: because we have so many orders. Our virtual waiting list grew along with our business expansion. Even with a steady company growth, we have finally caught up and reduced the wait time down to two to three weeks. We know how important it is to get your concealed carry holster out quickly and efficiently, and we’re proud to say that we have found a way to do just that.

When will you have a holster for Glock 43 and Viridian Lasers?

glock 43 holster

Drumroll, please. Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-th. Now! These comfortable, custom-fitted holster for glock 43 for your personal use today.

Viridian Lasers, a company founded on their state-of-the-art green lasers, has teamed up with us to produce a Holster compatible with their Viridian laser. When Viridian-mounted guns are withdrawn from our holsters, the ultra-bright green laser activates. Let’s just say we’re excited about it.

The Glock 43 speaks for itself. This single-stacked 9 mm handgun can now fit into a custom-molded Alien Gear Holster shell. Boom.

Keep the questions coming because we’d like to keep you in the loop. Feel free to write questions in the comments below, and we’ll feature them in the next installment of Alien Gear’s Q & A.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

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David Humphreys is the copywriter and contributor for Alien Gear Holsters. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism at the University of Idaho and has been blog writing for five years. Born and raised in Hayden, Idaho, David has grown up around guns and loves to shoot recreationally with his friends. His support for the Second Amendment and right to carry fuels his passion to write for Alien Gear Holsters.