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States With The Best Resident CCW Permit For Travel

In this article, we're just looking at resident concealed carry permit reciprocity. While it's possible to extend your reciprocity through non-resident permits, that process can be both expensive and annoying. So, if you're a resident from any of these states, you'll be happy to know that your state is great for concealed carry and did a great job in getting recognition from a majority of the other states.

We ranked states into three tiers. The top tier is the state with the most reciprocity for its resident concealed carry permit. Because a lot of states have an equal number of states acknowledging them, we are tied for the third and second tiers. If you're a resident of any of these states, though, I'm sure you won't mind.

Six States Where Residents Get The Most CCW Reciprocity

best ccw permits for travel

If you are a resident of Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina or North Dakota – congratulations. You have FANTASTIC reciprocity with 76% of the other states in the country. They're all tied for the third place position.

  • Arizona – 38/50
  • Arkansas – 38/50
  • Michigan – 38/50
  • Louisiana – 38/50
  • North Carolina – 38/50
  • North Dakota – 38/50

The concealed carry process varies slightly from each state but most agree – if you're a resident, you should have the right to remain arm almost no matter where you go. Except Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, California, and Maryland... Unfortunately, very few get to carry in those states.

#2: Ohio & Alaska – 39/50

Alaska is a constitutional carry state. So anyone who is legally allowed to carry a handgun is encouraged to do so and may do so without a permit. However, if you're an Alaska native and want to travel to the lower 48, you need to go through a process of obtaining a concealed carry permit. Thankfully, Alaska has one of the best reciprocities in the United States with over 39 out of the 48 acknowledging it.

In Alaska, you're required to inform law enforcement as to whether or not you are carrying a firearm. That's not a big thing for Alaska troopers and police officers as nearly everyone in Alaska has a gun. All they want to know when they see you is that you're armed.

Ohio, the Buckeye State, has the greatest reciprocity but they do not presently have campus carry. So if you have an Ohio resident concealed carry permit, do not go onto a university campus – it's a felony.

#1: Tennessee – 40/50

tenneesee ccw permit

The most recognized concealed carry permit in the country comes from Tennessee. With forty out of fifty states acknowledging a resident Tennessean right to carry a concealed firearm, this is perhaps the best state to live in if travel is your thing.

If you're curious about which states acknowledge your right to carry a concealed handgun, check out either usacarry or handguns.us to find reciprocity maps for your state's resident concealed carry permit. And if you find your state is lacking, write your representative or consider getting non-resident permits to extend your area.

Carry safe and carry on!

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