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Safety Tips For Keeping A Handgun In Your Home

Advanced Safety Tips for Handgun Owners

Households may have a variety of reasons for keeping a handgun in the home. Among those reasons is, of course, protection. While having a handgun on site enhances a homeowner's preparedness in the case of a home invader, it is important to understand how to keep the home safe even with the presence of guns.

There are, of course, numerous gun safety tips including the storage of your guns, keeping them unloaded, and more. If you need to brush up on the basics take a look here: Crash Course For Beginners Gun Safety

What we examine here are a few more advanced safety tips for those homes with handguns.

Smart Technology

smart gun technology options

The same sort of smart technology that goes into your cell phones and other mobile devices is now being used in the handgun industry. Homeowners can take advantage of this technology in an effort to make their homes safer. Armatrix is the manufacturer of the iP1 pistol, a .22 LR caliber handgun that comes equipped with an RFID wristwatch. The weapon can only be fired after the user is identified via a fingerprint sensor on the watch.

For homes with small children, the smart gun technology can prevent an accidental misfiring by a curious child. Should an intruder find the weapon, it cannot be used without the watch. This would help to ensure that a homeowner's gun is not used against him.
Price. Smart guns will start at well over $1,000 and that doesn’t include the watch. You will pay another $300 to $400 for that. Also, the weapon is dependent upon the RFID watch. If the watch malfunctions or loses battery power, the user is out of luck.

Fingerprint Technology

Another popular technology that is working to make handguns safer is the Intelligun system developed by Kodiak Industries. The fingerprint locking system will unlock immediately but only for authorized users. The fingerprint sensor reads the users fingerprint and either allows or denies access to the weapon. As soon as the user lets go of the gun, Intelligun relocks it making it inoperable. With this technology, a handgun (or handguns) could be kept in a place where it is easily accessible without the worry of an accident occurring.

Once again in homes with children, the Intelligun technology can prevent a handgun accident. The fingerprint technology ensures that the weapon cannot be used against you and allows the owner to store the gun virtually anywhere in the home. The Intelligun technology is also much less expensive than a smart gun.
Currently, the fingerprint sensor system is only available for 1911 model handguns. For those looking to attach the system to a 9mm or a smaller .380 caliber handgun, the technology is not yet available. Like a smart gun, the Intelligun system runs off of a battery. If the battery fails, the weapon is useless.

Tactical Pistol Training

pistol training

By taking a tactical pistol training course, you will learn a variety of firearms topics including shooting fundamentals, principals of personal defense, and much more. Included in that training is, of course, a review of firearms safety rules. Taking a tactical pistol course will leave you with the confidence and mental state of mind to feel comfortable having handguns in your home. You will be more cognizant of any weapons that are kept inside of the home as well as the safety measures – both basic and advanced – needed inside the home.

Real World Gun Safety

While basic handgun safety tips are well-known by gun owners, in the real world a homeowner wants to feel secure in his or her own home. If necessary, they want to be able to defend their home in the case of an attack. For many, that means having handgun readily available. In some homes, a handgun sits within easy reach under a bed or inside of a nightstand drawer. The gun should be equipped with some sort of safety device whether it is a smart gun or outfitted with a fingerprint sensor. At the very least, a trigger lock can be used especially if there are children in the home.

If you follow the basics of gun safety, you keep your ammunition stored away separately from your weapon. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have a loaded magazine for your 9mm secured behind your bed’s headboard, for example. In my home, that is exactly the case. The handgun, with a trigger lock, sits beneath a poster bed. Behind the headboard, I can access a loaded magazine. In a few seconds, I can access the weapon, remove the lock, slide the magazine into place, and be prepared against an intruder in my home. In homes where children are in their teens, such as mine, the trigger lock serves to protect against an accident or any unauthorized use. At the same time, I am confident knowing that I have easy access to a handgun.

As technology continues to improve, there will undoubtedly be improvements in handgun safety technology. Homeowners want and need to feel safe in their homes. Having a handgun in the home provides a feeling of security. To obtain that feeling of security, a homeowner should never make sacrifices in safety. Smart guns, fingerprint sensors, and tactical training are all ways a handgun owner can keep his home safe.