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ShapeShift 1911 Holster

Which Pistols Fit The ShapeShift 1911 Holster?

So...there's a ShapeShift 1911 holster...but does MY 1911 fit? This is a question that we get here at Alien Gear Holsters quite a bit.

We're going to go ahead and level with you. We might not know to a certainty. One of the best things to do is contact us directly and we'll tell you everything we can.

What we can definitely tell you is that the closer to a GI model your pistol is, the greater the chances it will fit...for the most part. Since the ShapeShift 1911 holster is much more precisely molded than most holsters, the margins so to speak are a lot tighter. Let's get into this a little bit more.

1911 Holster Fitment

1911 holster

It's rather uncomplicated (though not necessarily easy!) to make something like a H&K VP9 concealed carry holster because the VP9 is the VP9 and that's it. Only H&K makes them!

With the 1911 pistol...it's a little different. Because the blueprints are public domain, anyone can make one. Dozens of companies make nothing other than 1911 pistols and their variants. A number of them change things here and there so their 1911 pistol is different from someone else's.

Speaking of which, that's why we don't offer a ShapeShift for Sig Sauer 1911 pistols...yet, anyway. (It's in the works!) The Sig Sauer 1911 pistols have a differently-shaped slide. The slide is slightly squared, compared to the filet of the typical 1911 slide. There is also the horizontal rib machined into the slide, giving them a similar appearance to Sig Sauer's P220 and P226 family of pistols. Therefore, a standard 1911 holster isn't going to fit a Sig Sauer 1911 pistol.

We also can't necessarily get an example of every 1911 pistol from every single producer, nor be expected to. So, we have to come up with a holster that fits the greatest number of pistols based on a sample of guns that we can reasonably obtain.

Granted, if everyone just made GI guns then this would be no big deal, talking about it wouldn't be necessary and so on. Then again, if that's all anyone made, that would be boring! The fact that 1911 pistols vary so much does have some implications for fitment.

First, we can't necessarily guarantee that YOUR 1911 pistol will fit the ShapeShift. If we couldn't confirm that make and model in our fitment process because we didn't have one on hand or didn't have one, we can't say to a certainty that it will fit. However, we can make an educated guess as to whether your 1911 pistol will fit the ShapeShift 1911 holster.

Second, unfortunately there will be some people whose 1911 pistol does not fit the ShapeShift 1911 holster shell. The further a design strays from the typical 1911 pistol, the greater the chance that it won't.

Which 1911 Pistols Do Fit The ShapeShift 1911 Holster?


Which 1911 pistols definitely DO fit the ShapeShift 1911 holster?

Let's start off with some of the guns we used in the molding process.

  • Auto Ordnance 1911
  • Citadel 1911-A1
  • Para Ordnance Black Ops
  • Remington R1 1911
  • Rock Island GI
  • Ruger SR1911
  • Springfield GI Spec
  • Taurus PT1911 standard

There were some more - and a few that didn't fit, such as Sig Sauer 1911s - but there's a few things that these guns have in common.

First, the closer to the original design a 1911 pistol is, the greater the chance it will fit the ShapeShift 1911 holster, but small differences can impact the fitment. The ShapeShift Modular Holster system is molded with far more precision than the typical polymer holster shell, so the more a gun varies from standard 1911 design, the less likely adequate fitment is.

For instance, an oversized takedown pin (such as on the S&W 1911 pistols, which we found did fit but not as well as we'd like) or Crimson Trace grips, some aftermarket sights, a full-length rail or oddly-shaped rail can all negatively impact fitment.

You Haven't Mentioned A 1911 Holster For My Model

1911 pistol

Alien Gear Holsters wants to offer a 1911 holster for every make and model of 1911 pistol if possible, including the ShapeShift Modular Holster. However, as you have probably inferred, it's almost impossible to do so.

But what about YOUR 1911 pistol? What if it isn't one of the pistols mentioned?

Here's the thing: if it is a GI model or close to a GI model, then it will probably fit. We, however, cannot guarantee that it will without having tested your specific make and model 1911 pistol. Yes, even if it's a GI model that's just made by someone other than the pistol makers on the above list. Our fitment standards are strict, because we don't want to promise something we don't know to a certainty that we can deliver.

But what if I don't want to take the chance, you say?

If you had to worry about it, then that would certainly be understandable. However, we happen to offer a 30 Day Test Drive trial period in case things don't work out. The 30 Day Test Drive gives you a month to return your holster for a full refund if you find the fitment of the pistol or the fit of the holster isn't to your satisfaction.

If it is...let us know! Since there are so many 1911 pistols out there - more than we can ever try to officially fit for the ShapeShift - the more models that our customers inform us that fit the ShapeShift, the more models we can tell other people have been known to fit.

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