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The All-New Alien Gear ShapeShift Ankle Holster

Ankle Holsters For Concealed Carry

An ankle holster isn't often the first carry option.

It's no secret, this carry style is preferred by a niche group.

But, that niche group has been underserved by this style's traditional holster designs, which typically limit handgun size, have functional flaws and lack rigid trigger guard coverage.

Alien Gear took a crack at fixing those flaws of ankle carry.

How This Ankle Holster Works

The ShapeShift Ankle Holster operates primarily with two separate components made from perforated neoprene, ballistic nylon, textured thermoplastic and polymer.

To equip the holster, there is first a lower heel strap. This wraps beneath the heel and is secured around the ankle with hook and loop fasteners.

Once that is in place, a polymer spine on the second, upper strap inserts into a tight pocket on the side of the lower heel strap.

The polymer spine is shaped to the contours of the leg and ankle.

That upper strap then wraps tightly around the lower calf, covers the surface of the polymer Shift Shell and is secured by another durable section of hook and loop fasteners.

The second strap does not cover the top of the holster shell where the firearm is inserted.

The pieces of the ShapeShift Ankle Carry Holster

The combination of these pliable textile straps holds the concealed carrier's firearm snugly against or behind the lower calf.

The fit can be adjusted to preference.

It will feel similar to a lightweight ankle brace.

The rigid polymer shell holding the handgun will completely encapsulate the trigger guard. A passive retention unit on the shell allows the tension to be modified tighter or looser with a twist lock for a personalized draw.

This differs from typical nylon or molded leather ankle holsters, which often rely on a thumb strap to hold the firearm in the holster.

A flexible piece of thermoplastic elastomer is stitched to the upper strap and is what the shell rests against.

The rigid polymer shell on the ShapeShift Ankle Holster

That thermoplastic is a texturized, rubber surface that further grips the firearm to keep it in one firm position during daily, routine leg movements.

Traditional designs often have a garter above the holster near the top of the calf. That garter, however, can loosen and lower throughout the day.

The ShapeShift Ankle Holster's two textile straps limit the holster's ability to unintentionally shift on the leg while drawing or holstering the handgun.

So, it holds the firearm in one spot on the lower leg in a novel way.

Who's it for and why was it made?

Why Alien Gear's Ankle Holsters May Work For You

Ankle holsters serve a specific crowd with specific needs and specific preferences.

What else is new in the gun industry though?

Here are a few reasons that often lead to ankle carry, and how this modular ankle holster may serve as an answer to common concerns:

What happens when a primary everyday carry handgun malfunctions when the carrier attempts to dispatch a lethal threat?

Well, the aggressor won't just give a sympathetic nod, a firm handshake and come back another day.

Taxi drivers, couriers, long-haul truckers and people on the road may benefit from an ankle holster, given its immediate accessibility — of course, do your due diligence with your respective state laws.

Drawing your weapon from the ShapeShift Ankle Holster
shapeshift concealed ankle carry

Going out to eat?

Sitting in a movie theater?

A holster on the waistline while seated over long periods of time may be uncomfortable for some, depending on a few factors like body type and firearm size.

Some within the disabled community may also benefit from an ankle holster depending on situational variability, such as wheelchair use.

There are common issues people have with ankle holsters that this design resolves.

With prolonged movement, or if giving chase, the weight of a firearm can weigh down ankle rigs and cause them to slowly slide down the leg or rattle against it.

The likelihood of this happening with the ShapeShift Ankle Holster is diminished by the absence of a garter, and by how tightly the holster rides on the calf.

The hard lines of the holster shell and handgun are molded to the shape of the leg and are padded by the soft material that encloses them.

Plus if you wear two of these and carry full-size handguns, you could use them as ankle weights and get those gains.

But in all seriousness, not everyone prefers an ankle holster.

That's OK.

But there are some who may need one. Particularly this one.

Get your ShapeShift Ankle Holster today!

We have the ShapeShift Ankle Carry Expansion Pack available for those that have the ShapeShift Shift Shell already as well!

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