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ShapeShift Shoulder Holster: Innovations Through Function And Form-Factor

The typical shoulder holster has shortcomings: function, safety, comfort … the list goes on.

Does that mean they should be forsaken? No. They need to be updated to fix those flaws.

Alien Gear Holsters is making another foray into new territory with the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster. It's a niche carry style for a narrow audience.

To better serve that audience, Alien Gear mechanical engineers redesigned the functionality and form factor of traditional shoulder holsters.

the shapeshift shoulder holster

Innovating The Traditional Leather Shoulder Holster With New Materials

The leather shoulder holster is part of the American ethos, steeped in pop culture through shows like Miami Vice and movies like Die Hard.

What's often seen in popular culture is stitched leather straps. Out in the field, ballistic nylon is another favored go-to material in these holsters.

As usual, we took a different approach. We have a tendency to do that.

This new, modular shoulder holster is also a hybrid holster.

Hear us out:

quality holster materials used in the shapeshift shoulder holster

The classic leather was honored in the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster. A premium-grade English Bridle Leather covers the surface of the holster, and is available in both brown and black.

But, there were a few more low-profile materials sewn in with edge binding to help you out.

CoolVent Neoprene™ was introduced to the contoured shoulder straps for cushioned padding. That textile also has the capability of wicking sweat, further protecting the leather from moisture.

shapeshift shoulder holster straps

Elastic bands are enclosed between the premium English Bridle Leather and CoolVent Neoprene™. This means the straps give and move comfortably along more body types.

That elastic was also implemented in the belt anchors to respond to varying waists.

Proprietary, injection-molded polymer is used in components throughout the holster, including the holster shell. This coupled with steel hardware enhances the holster's structural durability.

A hook-and-loop fastener is sewn into the leather to secure, enclose and conceal the polymer holster shell.

All these materials were chosen specifically for utility. They serve a purpose.

But how does the holster function?

How to wear and use the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

Alien Gear Holsters mechanical engineers designed every aspect of the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster to do a job.

There are a few configurations offered with this product. The customer has the choice between carrying one handgun and two Single Cloak Mag Carriers, two handguns, or four Single Cloak Mag Carriers.

The harness is slung over the shoulder with the back connector resting centered between the shoulder blades for equal weight distribution. The shoulder pads should not be in contact with the neck.

configurations of the shapeshift shoulder holsters

The straps holding the handgun(s) and Cloak Mag Carriers can be raised or lowered to different ride heights along the side of the body, depending on personal preference and body style. This allows the holster to fit a broad range of body sizes.

drawing from shapeshift mag shoulder holster

The platform connectors for the holster shell(s) and mag carriers can be altered for different cant adjustments. This means the muzzle can be directed upward, horizontally or toward the ground, thereby solving a common complaint among those who try shoulder carry.

The idea of the toolless clip in the ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster was introduced to these cant adjustments in the shoulder holster. No need for an allen wrench here.

This shoulder holster allows for up to three levels of retention.

One through an optional adjustable passive retention unit on the handgun shell, another through a thumb break strap.

There are also optional beltline anchors that hook beneath the gun belt. This helps secure the holster and gives more purchase while drawing.

A leather cover sits over the handgun shell to better conceal it. On the opposite strap, the mag carrier backer has three positions to move the mag carrier buckets forward and backward. The rotating adapter that the mag carriers attach to allows for adjustable cant.

The design is also symmetric. All functionalities are available to both right- and left-handed carriers.

There's a reason belt holsters are often first choice for everyday carry, but they're not the end-all, be-all for open and concealed carry.

order your shapeshift shoulder holster today

You can try this shoulder holster out for 30 days. Once purchased, it's warrantied for a lifetime.

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