Tactica Defense Fashion Wins NRA Bullseye Award!

Tactica Defense Fashion Wins NRA Golden Bullseye Award!

Mar 3, 2020 8:30:00 AM

NRA Golden Bullseye Award For Women's Innovation Bestowed On Tactica Defense Fashion

Tactica Defense Fashion has been awarded the prestigious NRA Golden Bullseye Award, which is only granted to outstanding products and companies in the firearms and related industries. This is a great honor, and proof that we're onto something great.

Tactica Defense Fashion has a mission, which is to empower women to take charge of their own protection. While the tools are made by others, our role is to make the gear you need to use them.

The NRA, and others, have taken notice.

Golden Bullseye Award To Be Presented At 2020 NRA Annual Meetings

The NRA Golden Bullseye Awards are presented at the NRA Annual Meetings, which this year is taking place in Nashville, Tenn. Part of the NRA Annual Meetings is an invitation-only breakfast event, during which the NRA Golden Bullseye and Golden Pioneer Awards are handed out to their recipients.

During this event, Tactica Defense Fashion will receive the NRA Golden Bullseye Award for Women's Innovation Product Of The Year.

We are one of the few companies in existence that is devoted solely to women's concealed carry holsters, concealed carry clothing and other accessories have long been made for men, and what little existed for women who carried was often of dubious quality.

Women who carried had to either adapt to the limitations, or leave their gun at home. At Tactica Defense Fashion, it's our mission to equip women to carry holsters that are comfortable and functional, as well as concealed carry clothing and accessories that allow for competent and comfortable concealed carry...that's also fashionable.

Much More In Store From Tactica Defense Fashion

Awards and recognition from the industry are amazing, but Tactica Defense Fashion can't rest on these laurels. We have a lot more to come.

While we are confident in everything that we make and do, we have a lot more work to do.

Keep your eyes on Tactica Defense Fashion. We have so much more to do. There are millions and millions of women to empower, part of which is giving them the agency over their personal defense. We don't provide the tools or the training, but we do offer the implements needed to have them on you in safety, comfort and style.

There are so many more ways to Dress To Protect!