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Picking A Good Universal Holster

It's one thing to get a universal holster, but it's another still to get one that's actually good.

A holster that you're going to actually use has to do certain things, or else it isn't really worth fooling with. It doesn't matter if it's handmade from leather, press-molded from Kydex or Boltaron or whatever. What matters is how well it works.

On the one hand, it's better to carry with a precision-molded holster. A precise fit is the most secure, and also ensures a good draw and reliable reholstering.

However, you may find instances where something like a soft universal holster meets your needs. You may need to grab your gun and get out the door, and it can serve as a backup if your otherwise regular carry holster is in need of repairs. Some people will also use such a holster for pocket carry or otherwise for carrying a backup gun.

If you're going to carry or otherwise use a product such as a universal holster, you want to get one that's actually worth using. Here's what you're looking for.

A Universal Holster Should Be Made For A Size Of Pistol

universal holster

Since a universal holster can't necessarily be made to fit your exact make and model pistol, you should get one that is at least made for your size of pistol. If you carry a subcompact pistol, you should get a holster that fits subcompact pistols.

Ideally, the holster should also be made to fit the magazine pattern as well, as there is a bit of difference between single- and double-stack pistols. The frame and grip are wider, so

By at least getting into the neighborhood of the same general frame size, you'll get good fitment for your gun when it's inserted into the holster. While not necessarily the same as if using a custom-molded holster, it's certainly better than a holster made to fit literally any pistol.

After all, a holster made to fit literally every gun doesn't really fit any gun. A holster made to fit a gun of a specific size will get you in the ballpark, which means it will still carry somewhat securely.

A Universal Holster Should Actually Protect The Trigger Guard

holster trigger guard

A good universal holster will actually protect the trigger guard. Thick cloth doesn't always do the trick, so make sure you choose wisely.

There are some companies that make a holster of this type with a protective layer that adds rigidity to the holster. This is an essential feature to have, as trigger guard protection is one of the must-haves when it comes to any holster of any construction whatsoever.

If you can feel the trigger through the holster, that's a bad sign.

Any concealed carry holster, even if it's just for occasional use, should still have sufficient rigidity to cover and protect the trigger guard. This is a non-negotiable function that any holster that you'll use to actually carry a gun must have, or else it's taking chances with safety that you just shouldn't take.

Your Universal Holster Should Stay Firmly Enough In Place To Draw Your Pistol


If you actually carry a gun with a universal holster, it has to be connected firmly to your body, creating a solid platform. This is necessary, as a holster that is not held firmly in place will make drawing the pistol less reliable.

For a pistol to draw cleanly from the holster, the holster has to be held in place with more tension than is required to pull the pistol from the holster. Just as with trigger guard protection and a proper fit, this is a non-negotiable quality that a holster must have or else it will not be reliable enough to function in an emergency situation.

Additionally, a less-than fully secure connection to the person carrying the gun also makes the security of the pistol more tenuous. If the gun isn't connected to you very well, that increases the possibility the gun - and holster - can be dropped.

Sure, modern pistols have firing pin blocks that are supposed to make them impervious to drop firing, but as we are all hopefully aware by now...plenty of drop-fires still happen with semi-automatics and revolvers alike.

Look for a universal holster with a belt clip. Merely relying on the gun being pinned against your side alone is not likely going to be fully sufficient.

It is, of course, completely possible for you to find and use a universal holster for concealed carry. It's a best practice to use a precision-molded holster as a primary holster, but you can use a universal model for occasional use and still carry in safety and comfort.

If, that is, you get the right one.


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