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How To Use A Holster Mount

Browsed our products and wondered just what good a holster mount could do? A lot, actually!

Having a car holster or other holster mount gives you the ability to securely mount your holster and pistol to a surface of some kind and therefore keep if off your body when you don't want it to be there.

There are some situations in which that's handy, such as in the home - though with some obvious exceptions, which we'll get into - the office or the car.

So how can you use a holster mount? Let's go over a few different types and how they're useful.

How A Car Holster Mount Is Useful

car holster mount

The idea behind using a car holster mount is to have a secure mounting point for the pistol while you're driving. This is something of what might be called a "tactical" use (we hate to say it since EVERYTHING is tactical these days and the word basically has no meaning anymore) as it's supposed to be used in a limited fashion.

The reason why you'd use a car holster is to securely holster your pistol off your body while you're driving or riding in the car. That way, your concealed carry gun can be accessed quickly if you need it.

If your holster is on your waist - and for most people, it almost always will be - getting to your pistol and drawing it is difficult, if not impossible. The same is true if sitting down at a desk or in a chair. Access to your pistol is impeded, and using a car holster mount solves the access problem.

There are some other workarounds. This is why some people carry a backup gun in an ankle holster (easier to access than a holster on your belt) or place the gun in a console or door sill (an unsecured, loaded gun?! That's a good way to induce a negligent discharge!) or to carry using a shoulder holster, which some people find uncomfortable and isn't the easiest thing to always conceal.

However, there are a couple things to know.

First, it is not a means of secure storage for a pistol while you are out of the car. If you leave your gun in your car, it should be stored in an actual locking car safe, not in a holster mount.

Second, it's a best practice to have a dedicated car holster that you use for this purpose while you leave your concealed carry holster in the waistband.

However, a car holster does solve the access issue with minimal additional gear compared to the other methods mentioned.

A Holster Mount For The Home And Elsewhere

holster mount

It's also the case that you may want to take your gun and holster off in the home. After all, you're in a more secure environment, so why not?

There's an argument for keeping your holster on at all times, but we're going to leave that alone for now.

You can put the gun up before you take a shower or find a mounting point elsewhere in your home. The gun can be mounted somewhere around the nightstand as part of a home defense plan.

Granted, something to know about a holster mount is that while it is stable, it's not secure the way an actual gun safe is. You can't have the gun within reach of tiny hands, unless the holster in question has active retention that can keep them from accessing it. If you have little ones in the house, it's imperative that you use a holster mount in a prudent and safe manner.

At the office, you can mount a holster on the inside of a desk, keeping the gun off your waist and within easy reach...as well as hidden from view.

Do I Have To Bolt A Holster Mount To The Wall Or My Car's Interior?

Great news - you can choose your attachment method for a holster mount.


You can opt for a more permanent attachment method, such as using hardware to affix the mount to a wall, to some sort of wooden surface, sheet metal or even hard plastic such as your car's interior.

Or, if you prefer, you have your option of a holster mount that doesn't require the turn of a single screw.

hook and loop

For instance, hook and loop holsters have a pad of hook and look fabric on the back of the holster base. You can apply an adhesive-backed hook and loop sheet to any surface you'd like, whether that's on a wall, on the side of a bedframe, under a desk or under the dashboard of a car.

You've used "command hooks," right?

There are also car holster mounts that use strapping instead of hardware.

car holster mount

Be sure to purchase a model that attaches securely, say by threading the straps through the seat back for a secure attachment. However, with the right strapping design, you can securely mount a holster in the car for use while driving, without having to worry about marring your interior.