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Winter concealed carry tips for Concealed Carry Permit Holders

For many, the cold weather hasn't really reared its ugly head just yet. One of the considerations – which we've discussed in previous articles – is dressing for concealed carry. That means taking into account the clothing you're wearing into your choice of how you carry.

One of the cooler (no pun intended) aspects of concealed carry in cold weather environments is the ability to carry a larger compact or even full-size firearm in your concealed carry holster.

And if you do have a larger compact or full size concealed carry pistol, make sure to check out the holster shells available so you're equipped no matter which firearm you're carrying.

In this article, we'll dedicate it to a few of the more important considerations you'll have to make in addition to which firearm you carry.

Drawing From a Holster, Shooting, And Re-holstering With Winter Gloves

winter concealed carry

When it gets really cold outside, we tend to put on gloves. Wearing gloves changes the dynamics of our normal draw style. Prepare yourself in advance by taking the opportunity to practice drawing your ccw with gloves on with a variety of the winter gloves you normally wear. It's a chance to evaluate how comfortable you are with doing your normal concealed carry drills.

If you find your deep winter gloves impede your ability to obey all the fundamental priniciples of firearm safely – namely keeping your finger clear and off the trigger until you intend to fire – then perhaps this is the time to consider a new choice. The last thing you want to be stuck with is ripping off your outer shell cold weather gloves so you can deal with an impending threat.

    Practice the following with your deep winter gloves and your casual everyday gloves:
  • Trigger control
  • Changing magazines
  • Reholstering

If you find you falter on any of these – great! Practice is the perfect time to realize this. Try changing your technique to accommodate or even consider switching to another pair of gloves.

Your CCW Draw Style Will Be Impacted By Your Clothing Choices

winter time ccw

It's just a simple fact. When you're wearing multiple heavy layers, your access to your inside the waistband concealed carry holster will be affected. Do yourself a favor and practice in your thickest clothing arrangement.

    For instance, that could include:
  • Outer cold weather shell jacket
  • Inner warming layer
  • Button-up flannel or similar shirt
  • Thermal undershirt
  • Thick outer shell gloves
  • Thinner inner shell glove inserts
  • Inside the waistband concealed carry holster

Sure, in the autumn months you'll look extremely overdressed at the shooting range – but the joke's on the audience. You're preparing now because when the heavy snows fall, you'll be prepared.

When winter time comes, don't take your autumn training as truth. Keep at it. Keep practicing with a heavy, multiple layer setup. You will likely notice your response time drops slightly but always keep your focus on good, efficient practice. Speed is a byproduct of familiarity and proficiency – not assumption.

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