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wyoming concealed carry guide

How To concealed carry In Wyoming

No permit, no problem -- legislators changed Wyoming concealed carry laws to remove the need for state residents to jump through legal hoops in order to practice Second Amendment rights, meaning less control and more carrying.

Isn’t it nice when liberty breathes?

When the Wyoming Concealed Firearm Statute was amended in 2011, Lawmakers instituted constitutional carry for state residents, allowing them to carry concealed handguns without a permit.

But the state still regulates firearms, which should come as no surprise, and anyone looking to carry a concealed handgun in Wyoming should know the laws, prohibitions, guidelines and legal practices surrounding concealed carry in the Cowboy State.

Here’s some stuff to know -- but this is not legal advice.

Wyoming concealed carry permit applications are a breeze

concealed carry in wyoming state

Considering Wyoming’s reciprocity with 35 other states, the Wyoming concealed carry permit application is fairly straightforward -- two pages, fees, fingerprints and up to 90 days waiting time.

Permit holders from states outside Wyoming may carry a concealed firearm within the state if their state recognizes Wyoming permits and the permit from the other state is valid statewide.

Alien Gear Holsters provides an up-to-date CCW reciprocity map to track all states that share reciprocity with Wyoming.

The applicant should fill out one form and have three copies on hand. Those should be taken to the applicant’s county sheriff's office with a money order or cashier’s check for the respective fee to be made out to the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) or Wyoming Attorney General’s office.

According to Wyoming Statute 6-8-104 (e), the $50 new and renewal permit fee is nonrefundable. A new permit application will also require $24 for fingerprint processing fees from the FBI.

A warning before you show up with money they won’t want:

Cash and personal checks are not accepted and the applicant should consult their local sheriff’s office for their processing fees as opposed to DCI fees.

Early renewals may be applied six months prior to the expiration date, with late renewals six months after that date.

After all copies are taken to the sheriff’s office the final copy is taken to a Wyoming DOT Driver’s Service office where a photo will be taken within ten days of the application’s submission.

The permit is valid for five years from the issue date.

A change of name or address needs to be recorded with the appropriate form within 30 days. Failure to do so means the permit will be revoked. There will not be a new permit issued when a change of address is submitted.

Any lost or damaged permit will be automatically invalid, but a duplicate may be purchased for $5.

Yes, state residents can carry without that permit, but according to the DCI, between 250 to 350 applications are completed every month, with a total of more than 25,000 current permit holders as of 2016.

Nonresidents may not apply for a Wyoming concealed carry permit.

Wyoming keeps concealed carry veterans in mind, though.

If the applicant is a Wyoming resident but is stationed on active military duty outside the state, they may still apply, and the DCI provides a guide on how to do so.

Interestingly, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms determined a Wyoming concealed carry permit removes the need for an instant background check when purchasing a firearm from a federal firearms licensee.

Wyoming began issuing permits in 1994, which means in 2016 the program is 21 years old, coincidentally the same minimum age requirement for those carrying a concealed handgun or applicants seeking a permit to do so.

State of Wyoming CCW Permit Requirements - Avoid Jail Time!

ccw permit wyoming

Sounds intense, sure, but Wyoming concealed carry laws can result in jail time and fines -- up to six months imprisonment and $750 for a first offense and up to two years and $2,000 for a subsequent offense.

Those punishments are applied to those carrying a “concealed deadly weapon” when they are not a peace officer, a Wisconsin permit holder, a permit holder from a state recognized by Wyoming or someone not lawfully carrying a firearm.

How to carry a firearm without a permit in Wyoming

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  • Be a United States resident and reside in Wyoming for no less than six months
  • Be 21 years old
  • Be eligible to carry a firearm according to 18 U.S.C. section 922(g) and W.S. 6-8-102 (we’ll get into those momentarily)
  • Do not be committed to a state or federal facility for abuse of a controlled substance within one year of the application submission date
  • Do not be convicted of a felony violation of the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act of 1971 or similar laws from another state
  • Do not be convicted of a misdemeanor violation of the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act of 1971 within one year of submitting an application.
  • Do not chronically abuse alcohol or be committed to a residential facility recognized by Wyoming state laws or similar state laws (an application for a permit will be rejected if submitted within a year of being committed to one of these facilities)
  • Do not be adjudicated as legally incompetent
  • Do not be committed to a mental institution

The contents of that list are also the requirements needed to obtain a Wyoming concealed carry permit , with the added necessity of demonstrating familiarity with a firearm.

How To Demonstrate Familiarity With Firearms (Wyoming CCW Permit):

Complete a certified firearm safety or training course utilizing instructors certified by the NRA or the Wyoming law enforcement academy, complete any law enforcement firearms safety or training course, have experience with a firearm through handgun shooting competitions or military service, complete a class conducted by a state or NRA certified instructor, become certified by a law enforcement agency as proficient in firearms safety or honorably retire as a federal or state peace officer after ten years service.

After the educational component is finished, when submitting an application provide a photocopy of the certificate or a notarized affidavit from the head of the course.

A permit may be revoked if the permit holder breaks any of the application requirements, if they’re convicted for any offense with a controlled substance or alcohol abuse while carrying a concealed weapon, if they commit any violent crime or if they make a plea of no contest for any of those criminal acts.

Location restrictions for concealed carry in Wyoming

restricted places for concealed carry

Whether the concealed carrier is a resident or nonresident, permit holder or constitutional carrier, concealed carry in Wyoming is restricted in these locations:

  • Any facility for law enforcement operation or administration without written consent of the chief administration
  • TAny detention facility, prison or jail
  • Any courtroom, but a judge may carry concealed and allow anyone they choose to carry concealed in the facility
  • Any government meeting
  • Any school, college or pro-athlete event unrelated to firearms
  • Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic liquor and malt beverages
  • Any location where people are assembled for public worship, unless the chief administrator gives written consent
  • Any elementary or secondary school facility
  • Any college or university facility, unless with written consent from the university or college security service
  • Any location barred by federal or state regulation and law

Federal laws allow carrying concealed firearms in national parks, as long as the gun owner’s concealed carry permit is recognized in the state where the park is located.

That being said, give federal authorities a call when traveling to an area that involves federal properties. Consult with them whether or not the location is subject to federal law and regulations.

Wyoming concealed carry laws include Castle doctrine

concealed carry laws wyoming

Wyoming House Bill 137 affords immunity from criminal prosecution and civil action when using deadly force, expanding the scope of Wyoming concealed carry laws.

Though the hope is that deadly force will never be a necessity.

There are restrictions and stipulations on how and when force may be used under Castle Doctrine. Wyoming Statute 6-2-602 outlines that deadly force may be used if a person has reasonable fear that they are in imminent peril of death or serious bodily injury at the hands of another.

However, that applies only when a home intruder has entered a habitation, is in the process of entering or if the person using defensive force has reason to believe the intruder is attempting to enter their home to commit an unlawful act of violence. This also applies to intruders attempting to forcibly remove another from their home against their will.

Defensive force is not allowed against a lawful resident of the home, the owner, the lessee or the titleholder. That, however, is contingent on whether or not there is an injunction for protection from domestic violence or a written supervision order of no contact.

Use of deadly force is not protected against another removing a child or grandchild under their custody or legal guardianship.

If the home defender is taken to court over using deadly force under those circumstances, the court will award reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, lost income compensation and coverage of all the defendant’s expenses in civil action if the court finds they’re immune from it

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