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Alien Gear Holsters Gun Contest and Giveaways

Guns and Gravy Giveaway

Join us this November for our Guns and Gravy Giveaway! We are celebrating what we are most grateful for as Americans. Our 2nd amendment right! We want to share with everyone the great feeling of owning a firearm so we are giving away a Canik TP9 along with a holster set and belt to wear it with! But it doesn’t stop there, we are giving away a whole cornucopia of prizes, View them all below.

Canik TP9 Get the reliability, accuracy, and trigger-pull of top gun brands for half the price A budget gun that has the performance of a top-notch brand. You’ll love the Canik tp9. The Canik is the best bang for your buck pistol, giving you the reliability and accuracy of top brands for half the price.

CANIK T-SHIRT A great shirt for those that like guns and love Caniks Get a shirt that is as cool as the gun

Bigfoot Gun Belt Black. Made with a steel-core and cobra buckle, this belt support any gun with ease and style With Bigfoot’s signature steel-belt, this is the strongest tactical EDC belt on the market Made with Bigfoot’s famous steel-core, this belts supports any gun and easily fits your favorite pants

Lockdown Wireless Digital Hygrometer , Monitor the temperature and humidity where you store your guns and other valuables. Reliable and easy to set up, monitor the humidity and temperature to keep your valuables safe

Revision Sawfly Military Eyewear System Protective yet stylish, this is best ballistic eyewear you can buy.

AGH Cloak Belt Holster Keep your gun tucked against you for the Ultimate OWB concealment

Cloak Tuck 3.5 Alien Gear Holster A fully adjustable holster that allows you to carry many different guns by fitting different shells to the base

Caldwell Stand Durable and all-weather, caldwell replacement backers will allow you to dial in your aim.

Kershaw Knife No EDC is complete with a small, lightweight functional pocket knife. Small, functional, light-weight, the Kershaw knife is a must-have EDC tool.

Crimson Trace Bright, tough, and touch activated, this crimson trace light means you won’t be afraid of the dark again. The LED lights and touch activation means you instantly see what’s going bump in the night. Give yourself a tactical edge with this rail mounted attachment that uses LED lights and touch activation

Otis Ear Shield The Otis Ear Shield blocks out gun fire but allows you to still hear speech at the range Collapsable and comfortable, this ear protection blocks out high-decibel gun fire but allows you to hear normal speech. Adjustable and comfortable, the ear protection only blocks gun fire allowing you to still communicate normally.

Otis 9MM ripcord. Keep your Canik clean and reliable with this go-anywhere ripcord Clean your 9mm reliable and accurate with this easy-to-use ripcord.