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Glock - 19 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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Glock 19 Drop Leg Holster

This product does not include Mag Buckets.

Open carry will never be as convenient as it can be with the ShapeShift Glock 19 thigh holster. No other holster system offers as much versatility in terms of carry possibilities nor in terms of function. It's a new standard in the carry lifestyle. The ShapeShift Glock 19 holster is compatible with all generations of Glock pistols, including Gen 5.

Tired of generic Glock 19 drop leg holster designs that sort of fit well enough to work? The ShiftShell is injection-molded for the G19 and only the G19. It's also made from a proprietary ultra-durable polymer blend that's been designed to endure the harshest conditions.

Try to break it. We did. And we couldn't.

To use, open the docking gate on the full wrap ShiftShell and attach to the Glock 19 leg holster mounting platform. Once secured, release the loading gate to lock in place, and carry on. It's adjustable for cant angle, and won't come loose once secured.

Better still, you aren't stuck with just one holster to carry. The ShiftShell can be removed from the drop leg attachment and installed on the beltline with either the belt slide or paddle attachment in the full-wrap configuration, or can be taken down to the half-shell configuration and used with other ShapeShift attachments.

Retention is also customizable. Many Glock 19 thigh holsters rely on active retention devices because the holster isn't designed to fit any specific pistols. The ShapeShift G19 leg holster can be equipped with the ShapeShift's Adjustable Retention Unit and passive retention can be dialed in to your desired setting. Or, if you prefer, you can equip it with a thumb release for active retention...or both, for a full Level II retention holster.

Worried you might not like it? That's okay - take it on a Test Drive. During the first 30 days of ownership, you can return the holster for a full refund. That's part of our Iron-Clad Guarantee.

That also includes a full and comprehensive lifetime warranty, and any issue with your ShapeShift Glock 19 drop leg holster will be fixed or you get a brand new one - for as long as you have it.
Shift to a better form of carry.
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