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Glock - 22 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster


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Glock 22 Drop Leg Holster

This product does not include Mag Buckets.

A Glock 22 drop leg holster is both practical and tactical. Granted, you hardly need to be a professional to find a great use for a thigh rig for the G22. A quality holster for this carry position allows you to open carry in astounding comfort.

A decent Glock 22 leg holster allows you to open carry around your home, at the range, or in the out of doors - and a stout .40 load is a perfectly capable woods carry round.

However, what sets a Glock 22 drop thigh holster or thigh rig apart from another?

Fit and retention for a start. A lot of Glock 22 thigh holsters don't actually retain the pistol without a finger release or thumb strap because they aren't actually made for the Glock 22. They're made to fit any gun and as a result don't really fit anything. This has turned a lot of people off thigh carry.

Then you have the thigh rig itself. Cheap straps, a flimsy holster base and so on don't inspire a lot of confidence in your carry rig. Add that to a poor-fitting holster and you have a Glock 22 thigh rig that's going to sit in a holster drawer.

The common poor-quality thigh holster is exactly what Alien Gear sought to do away with when we created our Glock 22 drop leg holster.

Don't worry about the fit. Our thigh rig works with our ShapeShift and Cloak Mod holsters, so you get the custom-molded fit that you've come to expect from Alien Gear.

Retention is no worry. Both the ShapeShift and Cloak Mod have fully adjustable passive retention, which you can adjust until you find the perfect setting. If you've installed the ShapeShift, you can also add an active retention device if you prefer.

Our thigh attachment system is also second-to-none, made from our proprietary injection-molded polymer that's nearly unbreakable under most conditions.

Wondering if this is promising more than can be delivered? You can return the holster for a full refund in the first 30 days of ownership if not to your satisfaction. We're prepared to put our money where our mouth is.

We also warrantee your thigh holster for life. Any issue gets fixed or we send you a new one.

You may have tried lesser designs of Glock 22 drop leg holster. Now get a good one.
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