Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster for Glock 22


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Gun owners know all about choice. They choose between handgun type, caliber, make and model — and they tend to go happily through that same decision process again and again. Glock 22 holsters fall in that same cycle, but unfortunately it can get irritating if the holster doesn't do its job right.

This often leads to the infamous holster drawer filled with old kydex and leather holsters that weren't quite right. The ShapeShift Glock 22 paddle holster is carefully engineered for comfortability, reliability, adaptability and modularity, which means this holster system reacts to the Glock owner's individual carry style.

The retention lip on the paddle secures the holster to the belt and adds another level retention to the passive retention already securely holding the Glock in place. The ShapeShift paddle holster can rotate 360 degrees and lock in place in 12 degree increments.

The low profile half-shell fully encloses the trigger guard and the majority of the slide for reliable retention, and like the parts holding it all together, the shell is made from injection-molded polymer to precisely fit your Glock 22.

It's compatible with a docking system like a previous generation of our paddle holster, the Cloak Mod, which allows the holster to be stored off the body in a safe location. That idea of adaptability is translated to its modular system.

Without any tools, the paddle attachment can be removed and replaced by a belt slide system — or any of the several ShapeShift holster options.

All parts are made in America to be extremely durable, with all polymer components made from the same stuff that firearms are crafted with. However, if something goes wrong and there's an issue, we'll replace or repair all problematic components of the holster.

Curious about the holster? Try it out for 30 days. As part of our guaranteed 30-Day Test Drive, we'll buy it back from you with no questions asked if it doesn't do the job.

This paddle holster has changed how innovative everyday carry can be.
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