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Glock - 23 Cloak Chest Holster

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Glock 23 Cloak Chest Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Glock 23 Cloak Chest Holster is perfect for carrying when you can't add a holster to your waist or shoulders.

For carrying in the woods or whenever else you might be wearing a pack, this chest holster for Glock 23 pistols is
the perfect solution. Alien Gear Holsters is located in Northern Idaho, one of the most forested areas in the
lower 48. We understand the call of the wild and the challenges of carrying while in the backcountry.

Our chest holster has durable nylon web straps and molded polymer buckles. Adjust until you've found the perfect
fit. During hunting season, you won't have to worry about noise; we avoided using steel buckles for precisely this

The holster base is padded for comfort, featuring our CoolVent breathable neoprene. This fabric cushions and
comforts, letting the skin breathe and wicking away moisture. The edges are also fully bound for further

The holster base is reinforced with layers of woven ballistic nylon and spring steel, giving it a firm base to draw
from but without hampering comfort. No more feeling the gun through the fabric.

The retention shell is custom-molded, which ensures a secure fit and seamless draws and reholstering. You can easily
train with this holster without issues. The holster shell is also canted, which allows for a more natural draw
angle from the chest and also for greater retention, as gravity itself helps keep the pistol in plade. Passive
retention is also adjustable via the mounting hardware.

The Glock 23 Cloak Chest Holster is made in the USA, and comes backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. Our comprehensive
product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and our Forever Warranty, a lifetime warranty on the
holster against defects or damages. If you trade in your gun for a new model, we'll even swap retention shells
with you.

Start your Test Drive today, and carry in comfort!

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