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Glock - 23 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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Glock 23 Drop Leg Holster

This product does not include Mag Buckets.

Looking for a better breed of Glock 23 drop leg holster? There are certainly a lot of them out there, but not too many designed to really work well.

Thing about your typical Glock 23 leg holster is that it's made using a generic holster that doesn't really fit anything because it kind of fits anything. Nylon pouches and other designs can't hold the gun on their own, but instead rely on an active retention device to actually holster the pistol.

You can't or wouldn't really want to use that substandard Glock 23 thigh holster otherwise, and it collects dust in a holster drawer.

You don't have to settle for that kind of Glock 23 drop thigh holster anymore. Alien Gear has just the thigh rig for you.

Our thigh holster base is molded from a high-impact durable polymer, virtually unbreakable under normal conditions. It securely anchors to the leg, and won't move unlike leg holster rigs of lesser quality.

The holster itself will fit flawlessly. Our thigh holster is optimized for use with the ShapeShift OWB holster, but can also be used with our Cloak Mod OWB as well. In either case, you get a custom-molded holster that fits the Glock 23 and only the Glock 23.

With that custom fit comes customizable passive retention. Dial in the hold until you're satisfied, with either the ShapeShift or Cloak Mod if you choose to deploy the Mod. ShapeShift users who desire to do so can add a thumb release for active retention as well.

The beauty of the ShapeShift and Cloak Mod OWB holsters is that they can be converted from thigh use to belt deployment, by adding a belt slide or paddle attachment. Both are also compatible with Alien Gear's holster mounts as well.

You can rest easy knowing that Alien Gear backs up its products with the Iron-Clad Guarantee, a product guarantee that's one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Start with the 30 Day Test Drive, a trial period after purchase during which you can return your Glock 23 Drop Leg Holster for a full refund if you aren't satisfied. You also get a lifetime warranty in the bargain, so any issue gets fixed or you get a brand new holster.

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