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Glock - 30 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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A Glock 30 drop leg holster is an ideal carry platform for open carry applications. Around the house, at the range, on the trail or in the woods; a drop leg holster just makes good sense. It keeps your pistol in an easy accessible location and more so than a belt holster. You'll also notice the comfort of carrying in this position.

What sets Alien Gear's apart from the other Glock 30 leg holsters out there? Superior fitment, greater adjustability and a vastly more comfortable carry.

Few Glock 30 tactical holster designs give you the same kind of comfort. The leg platform is molded from a durable polymer, and is contoured to rest easily against the leg. No sharp edges to worry about. The thigh straps are elasticized, allowing you to set a secure hold without worrying about the holster cutting off circulation.

Never worry about security while carrying. Our Glock 30 tactical leg holster strapping attaches securely, via durable nylon clips on the leg straps and a heavy-duty nylon web strap for the belt loop. Once secured to the wearer, this holster isn't going anywhere until you decide its time to take it off.

Anonymous fitment? A universal holster with a bad thumb break? Get that stuff out of here. Your Glock 30 thigh holster is custom-molded for your make and model firearm, giving you custom fitment. Retention is fully customizable. You can dial in passive retention to your exact desired setting, or use the holster with the included thumb release for active retention.

That's right - full Level II retention, but you don't have to have it that way if you don't want to.

Don't believe it completely? That's okay! We give you the first month to wear the holster and make up your mind. That's the 30 Day Test Drive trial period, which is part of Alien Gear's Iron-Clad Guarantee on your Glock 30 Drop Leg Holster. Besides the trial period, you also get a lifetime warranty on the holster and all components.

Get your test drive started today!
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