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Glock - 42 ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

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Glock 42 AIWB Holster

Tired of the same old Glock 42 appendix carry holster? There are a whole lot of them out there to choose from if you don't mind a plastic box with a clip on it. You'll have to wear undershirts all the time and you better not bend over the wrong way, or else you can enjoy getting gouged by hard plastic or the gun itself.

It puts a lot of people off appendix carry, and it's the bulk of the options you'll find for Glock 42 appendix holster.

But does it have to be this way? No it doesn't, and Alien Gear can offer you a Glock 42 IWB appendix holster that will carry in greater comfort than any other holster of this type than you may have experienced before.



The ShapeShift Glock 42 appendix carry holster starts with a comfortable backing design that will keep you from the typical downside to appendix carry - discomfort. What goes against your skin is a layer of our Cool Vent neoprene, a perforated neoprene layer that wicks sweat, lets your skin breathe and cushions.

The rest of the backer is comprised of a spring steel core and a textured top surface. The spring steel flexes when you fasten your belt, conforming to your shape and anchoring the holster. It feels like it's a part of you. The textured surface helps hold your pistol in place without touching the finish.

You can also dial in the retention to your exact desired setting via the adjustable retention unit, so you get the draw that you like. You also get your choice of belt clip, either large or small.


We want you to carry comfortably, as that means you won't find an excuse not to carry. We also want you to have a holster you like, which is why we give you 30 days after purchase to wear this G42 appendix carry holster and decide for yourself. Return for a refund in that timeframe if not.

If you hang on to it - and we think you won't want to carry with anything else - we also fully warranty the holster for life against any defect or damage. We'll fix any issue or give you a brand new holster. Forever.

Appendix carry has evolved. It's time the appendix carry holster does too.
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