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Glock - 43 ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

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Glock 43 AIWB Holster

There are good Glock 43 AIWB holster designs, and then there are merely adequate Glock 43 AIWB holster designs. Most are the latter. A lot of appendix holsters ask you to accept a compromise somewhere.

A lot of Glock 43 appendix holster models ask you to sacrifice comfort. Hard kydex pancakes fit well, but don't wear that comfortably. Some holster models are comfortable, but don't give you much room for adjusting retention or carry position, in case you want a negative cant for crossdraw or a forward cant if carrying closer to the pocket than the belt buckle.

Alien Gear doesn't think relying on standard designs is good enough. Status quo just isn't good enough. When we created the ShapeShift, we set out to change what you expect from a holster and the ShapeShift G43 AIWB was designed to do exactly that.

Look at the retention. Install the retention bar and adjust it to your exact desired setting. You get exactly the hold, and therefore the draw, that you want - not what the holster design imposes on you. You can also adjust the cant so your pistol sits in the perfect position.

You'll have to search many galaxies to find a Glock 43 appendix carry holster as comfortable. The ShapeShift's backer uses a multilayer design, including a neoprene backer and spring steel core, which creates a solid yet cushioning platform that wears comfortably but firmly enough to keep your gun from digging into your side.

No other holster design as the ShapeShift Glock 43 AIWB holster wear this comfortably or offer the same amount of customization.

No one else will also give you the kind of guarantee as Alien Gear on their products. First, take the first 30 days of ownership to evaluate the holster while you wear it, like a test drive. If, during the 30 Day Test Drive period, you find that the holster is not quite what you wanted, contact us and we will buy it back.

We also give you a lifetime warranty. So long as you own the holster, we will fix any issue, regardless of how it happens, or we will give you a brand new holster. Period.

You might find yourself wondering why you carried with anything else.
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